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Gin-gin flex on them.

Friday, January 10th, 2020

I'm standing in line waiting for the deli clerk to assist me so that I can order fifty leis worth of olives.1 Olives that are on special order from Master and that I took a return trip2 to the "grocery store" for. The woman next to me is crowding me by walking to my right side then my left side then back to my right. I take a deep breath to stop myself from being annoyed by her presence. Hey, you know possibly she also doesn't speak Romanian and was ordered to go to the store. Maybe we'll have to battle it out for the remaining olives - plenty of large cheese wheels to hit her in the head with if it comes to it. These olives haven't been in stock since before Christmas, so I'm ready to go toe-to-toe with anyone in my way. Actually, this is the premiere grocery store and nothing has been in stock since before New Years. Have you ever seen the egg section completely empty? No, how about bare vegetable crates? Yeah me either until I got to the carrefour on January 3rd.

Now that I'm thinking of it, I only see a small amount of olives in the bowl. Oh, I can order we go. Luckily for me, the cashier speaks English and I explain to her that please give me fifty lei worth of olives. She shakes her head to signal no. I look at her with pleading eyes and I know we both know she can't do that. Right, because instead of being able to spend the fifty lei that I have in my pocket I can now only spend five. I ask her to give me all of the remaining olives. The clerk rummages around looking for more olives and finds none... just my luck. I wonder if anyone else in the store is having a similarly devastating moment. Life on the wire, right? I take the tiny package which contains a small amount of olives 3 and head to the check out line. Does stocking items actually mean that the store just orders one item from all of the vendors in a category? Pretty sure you can just use an electronic order management system instead of people for this, but I'm also sure they can use traffic lights instead of roundabouts.4

As per tradition, all of the lines are long so I step into the first one I see.5 I am behind a big guy in line whom is slowly loading his goods onto the belt. He begins to speak Romanian to me and I understand from his gesturing that I can go ahead of him. He then makes a follow up gesture to the self checkout line and mumbles something to which I show my sweet ten lei. You see, this store only has self checkout lines that accept card as payment. As I'm checking out I have the distinct feeling that I've been here before. Oh right, this afternoon.....

While having coffee in town we were reminiscing about the time that I came downstairs to a surprise naked ice cream party. The ice cream was from a shop in town close by. So, I trade my passport to Master for 200 lei to spend on ice cream. I leave the coffee shop in somewhat of a panic for a few reasons. I have not been to the ice cream place in a while, I get nervous easily, and I must get back to the car before anyone else arrived.6 Well, what do you think? Did I find it in time?!

The ice cream shop, Leonidas, was open but no ice cream was in site. Apparently some weirdos don't stock ice cream in winter. Fuck me I thought while running back to the car... All I need now is for them to have gotten to the car before me. I make it to the parking lot7 and the car is still sitting there. I'm now waiting outside of the car feeling the cold wind hitting my face and looking around at the dull brown colors of the buildings surrounding me. This city is especially ugly in the winter without any vegetation to provide some color contrast to the dull and decrepit man made surroundings. It's especially charming with the construction that never seems to have any progress besides spawning new construction in surrounding areas. I'm sad and disappointed at not being able to do something which I was sent off to do. I would have liked to deliver something good but this country tries its best to prevent you from doing so. Didn't this exact thing happen recently? Ohh right the search for zacusca.....

One of the few good things about Romania is the zacusca. After many taste tests of different brands and flavors we finally found the perfect zacusca.8 It's true that this exact zacusca is perfect for tuna, eggs, pork, polenta...etc. but its also almost nowhere to be found. To be more specific - it took us a trip to three stores before we found a jar. The first store we tried is the Costco of Romania EXCEPT without keeping a regular stock of products.9 I would have never imagined that stores could sell pallets of items but not replace them. Unless of course, dogs are actual store managers. They would look really cute with a button up shirt, tie, and a clip board. The second store is a major grocery store which is on almost all major intersections in Timisoara. This store does not carry even one jar of the type we are looking for. The third store we tried out of desperation (since they were the least likely to have it) and bought the last nine jars that were stocked. While loading the jars into the cart I couldn't help but think of my time at Gin-Gin Flex.....

When we first arrived in Timisoara it was decided that I needed a mattress. At this point in my life, I had almost no interaction with Romanians or what it meant to have to search a town in need of a common item. Some days I miss having wide eyes. The first store we looked for a mattress in was set up in such a way that the store was composed of showcases instead of sections. If you want a mattress you have to visit a dozen show cases and dig through the bedding, pillows, and frame just to look at a single mattress. Pretty dumb. We left the store quickly and haven't been back since. I remember thinking about all of the mattress stores in the states. The small town that I was from had a least six pure mattress stores.10

The next store we were trying is named Gin-Gin Flex, small, and is painted purple. I dodge a mattress that's canopying over the entrance and narrowly avoid walking over one on the floor. The place is filled with wall to wall to floor mattresses. A little old woman appears from seemingly nowhere and explains to us that we can pick out whichever 'Italian' mattress that we would like but they don't deliver. So no, you are not going to get help from the person who works at the mattress store to carry the mattress nor are you going to be able to have it delivered. This place is a true flex. On to the next one.


The next one being the major construction/home goods store of the area. The place had great mattresses and I enjoyed bouncing from mattress to mattress until I found the perfect one; however, the employees refused to help us take it from a standing stack to either our cart or the car. I'm still not really sure how they can claim to sell mattresses or have employees. With this logic our house is a bar since we have a large collection of liquors and no we wont get it for you, you can't take it to your car, and your money is no good here.

The register ding brings me back from my memory and I hand over five lei...

Cheers to whatever things may be missing next.
May we always find you.

  1. I struggled with the phrasing of this sentence because no numbering system exists for ordering from the deli in Romania. No little red machines guys that you pull out numbers from. You may be wondering how you know when its your turn. You don't really, just connect with your mob mentality and mean mug the person next to you until the person behind the counter notices you want something. []
  2. Ya see, we got home with the olives and he liked them so much that he sent me right back to the store to get more. []
  3. The small amount is actually less than the original amount we came home with. []
  4. Roundabouts are a real mess in Timisoara by creating/enabling traffic. People are to afraid to merge and there is a light-less pedestrian lane cutting through the traffic going straight through the roundabout car entrances. Drivers entering the roundabout on the right will turn on their left blinker. It's like a hedgehog running in circles came up with the system. []
  5. The lines may be so long because not everyone uses bags to pack their groceries. What they do is load the items from their cart onto the belt and then reload them from the belt directly into their cart. Only to place them into their vehicle as free standing objects. Perhaps they don't actual have a pantry or cupboards and will just run to their trunk when an item is needed in the kitchen. This is the best reasoning I can offer. []
  6. I was told to meet them at the car but the implication is that I better be there first. []
  7. This is only one of three public parking lots for the entire city centre. I'm actually surprised that they even had the foresight to create one parking lot. []
  8. I'm greedy so therefore not telling you which brand/flavor it is, more for us - haha. []
  9. Well that and the store prevents paying customers from parking in the entire first lane. Nothing says customer service like walk your cart loaded with bulk products to the back. []
  10. At one point, my dad got rid of the mattress that was in my childhood bedroom and wanted to buy me another one. I stayed home when my brother and him went to look for mattresses. Our family almost exclusively bought furniture from one store named Lenards. Apparently, the two of them went to Lenards and asked for the cheapest twin mattress they sold. Well, the store didn't have the cheapest mattress in stock and he didn't want to order it. So, then he asked for the second cheapest mattress and it was also out of stock. This is how I ended up with the third cheapest twin mattress in Lenards. I really do appreciate my dad not making me sleep on the floor....or that cot that we had tried first. Also shout out to Lenards which has since changed its name to Couch Potato. []

Belgrade, Nis, Edirne, & Istanbul

Wednesday, December 25th, 2019

Belgrade hasn't at all changed since I was first there some seven months ago. I used to like the city and most people will - if you are only there for a weekend and stay at hotel Moskva. The city is overpopulated, small, and has nowhere to party for someone out of college (both in budget and mindset). We polled a large number of girls who all confirmed that the places to party are the four blocks in the city center, another street by the river, or river boats (each decrease in space, respectively). Oh, but to get to a river boat you must first got through a gypsy village (avoid driving over chickens) and make yourself a parking spot. I even ventured into a river boat to talk to someone who worked there, but stopped when a homeless man yelled at me to be quiet while he hand fed fed his six kittens. I apologized and left... I mean conceivably that's a better use for the boat then filling it with people and advertising it as party.

The best parts of Belgrade are really only hotel Moskva and the roasted chestnuts.1





It's anyone's guess as to what's appealing about a sexy rabbit lamp and with legs like that I very much regret not begging for it.


Do not be deceived, this is indeed real ice cream at the cafe in the hotel. I can't say enough wonderful things about hotel Moskva and this is despite them not letting us eat at the restaurant in our bathrobes.



The adventure continues on to Nis, Serbia which I very much recommend visiting. The Emperor Constantine was born here (which is advertised on a sign on the highway) and the city holds other historical sites. The place looks like its been through enough shakedowns to be compared to Timisoara. However, unlike Timisoara they aren't too smart to dutifully maintain their history. You can also actually find a good few places for a repast.

Da skull tower.



We should really bring back the phrase 'for the bones of the saints'.






So we did stay an awful night in Sofia, Bulgaria. No pictures were taken and the city was as I imagine Bucharest to be. A decrepit capital built up by the idea that the place needed a capital city.

Crossing the border into a foggy Turkey felt like the long awaited promise land. The city of Edirne did not disappoint. The place was buzzing with vendors and friendly people pulling carts, tossing fish, and selling fruit. Dogs and cats roamed the streets freely on their own business and the fog finally cleared. It felt like being somewhere new as opposed to another European city with the same problems under a different name.





The shops are so cute that they look goose sized.




Take it from me that dogs in Turkey don't like lamb bones. I tried to give a few dogs a bone and they wouldn't even lift up their heads. I can only imagine what sort of decadent food these dogs get daily from the shopkeepers. You'll have to find another way to tip them for posing for your picture.



On to Istanbul and to the baklava.2









Leaving Istanbul so abruptly meant more than just saying goodbye to a city. The way out was filled with pain, confusion, and mistakes. I have to remember to not attach myself to the feeling of possibility that paved the road on the way in. Reality never matches the dreams that you carry with you. Even Newton died knowing that he wouldn't ever discover alchemy. If I ever again have the chance to return, may I be wiser, better, and more prepared for all that may come.

  1. I hate chestnuts but love delivering them. Not many things are more satisfying then searching at night for a vendor, finding one who had just put the nuts to the fire, buying all of them while a line of people form, and sprinting away after he gives you the last bag. You gotta run to ensure a hot delivery to your Master and it also leaves people confused with a story to tell. []
  2. I was addicted to baklava back in Chicago. My friend would make Turkish coffee and offer me baklava from one of the Turkish shops in the neighborhood. Turkish coffee takes a lot of concentration to make and she would often burn it as I distracted her by packing bong after bong. I feel nostalgic for those days and her. Living with her in Chicago introduced a whole world of imported food that I get to authentically taste now. []

Chicago 2018

Sunday, November 24th, 2019

I was telling some friends about my time in Chicago around this time last year and they enjoyed the story. Maybe you will too.

Around two years ago by now, I was sitting at tapas1 with my good friend, Amanda, drinking our favorite pink sangria and texting her boyfriend's wife about what type of (surprise) engagement ring my friend would like best.2 To be clear, this was after our waitress/friend had told us about her wedding and baby plans with her girlfriend. Apparently, her lesbian twin sister who was already married just had a baby and the process was smooth.

It was the usual Friday routine so after we ate and got tipsy we headed upstairs to hit the bong and dance around until one or both of us passed out after the long work week.

Flash forward a year later and I'm flying into Chicago from Costa Rica to meet her at the airport in a reunion of tears, laughter, and more tears. Her wedding was in a few days and so much was left for us to do. First tacos though from the best taco place in the city which is next to the gay bar, the Jackhammer, and leather sex shop. The place is open all night and after 12AM count on seeing costumed men ordering tacos and making out.

I spent the night with her in the same building I used to live in. You know that saying about how when you return to a place you find that it hasn't changed but you yourself are different? It's true and at times makes me nostalgic for the person that I used to be.

The following morning I walked the fifteen minutes to meet my other three friends at their new apartment. We drove to Boystown for a boozy brunch. I can't remember the name of the restaurant (probably due to the amount of Bellini that was consumed) but it was great and as we were finishing up a drag show was starting. They walked with me to a sex shop to help with my task of picking out butt plugs and other such items. I was looking for a tail and the choices were slim. The first tail plug I picked out was rainbow and we agreed that it was much to sugargay so the blue unicorn one was selected. I was surprised to hear that they were worried for me because of the size (which was the smallest) of the plugs. Purchases were made and I walked out with a bag full of plugs, tails, and double ended dildos. From there we headed to my friends car which was ....not in the spot she left it. What no one noticed before was the tow signs and yup her car had been picked up. She started crying, my other friend complained about not wanting to pay for this etc., and I stood there with my bag full of toys. Another girl picked us up and the 200 was paid to get her car out of the impound lot. Damn the man. Enough of this for one day. I linked back up with Amanda for wedding shopping.

Chicago has this street lined with stores which sell fantastic cheap costume jewelry. So many stores and such pretty things. After shopping, we spent the rest of the night laughing until our stomachs hurt and sitting on the beach listening to the sound of the waves from cold Lake Michigan.

The next day was her wedding in the evening and she had a hair and make up appointment in the morning. I woke up to find her crying in panic and I am still to this day ashamed to admit that I was unable to console her. I got her to focus on my list of tasks to do rather than hers and we went on a scavenger hunt through the city for things like Russian sprats (which we found because Chicago is great). By the time we got to her wedding she was done crying and we were ready to celebrate. One of our friends gifted her home made weed cookies which were consumed at the table. Poly weddings are special, the amount of love that goes into the wife being the one to marry the two off is something to see.

The next day was my last day in the city and was mostly spent chilling, drinking, and eating at various peoples houses. There was another boozy brunch, more weed, and of course tacos.

Amanda and I went to the airport together the following morning in a long and bitter sweet car ride. The emotions were short lived though because I almost missed my flight due to the airline not wanting to sell me return tickets. I never before ran through an airport to make an international flight but hey, I did it and all was not lost. Even the guy driving the luggage carriage was cheering me on to let me know I made the flight! That's pretty much Chicago though. If you are smart enough to look past the idea that bullets are flying past your head at any given moment then you'll see the friendly, accepting, and sometimes high cast of characters who make up city that I love.

Pictures below are from Chicago, the wedding, & as a bonus included are additional unflattering images of me mouth-wide-open and midcackle!








  1. My favorite tapas spot was below our apartment building. The building itself was on the same block as the beach and the neighborhood weed dealer hung out front for a trifecta of convenience. []
  2. I'll never forget the day when she called to say she had something important to tell me and would understand any reaction to the news. Her new friend had hooked her up with her husband, she was in love with him and now in a polyamorous relationship. I told her that was gross and was ashamed of her life choices. Or possibly I said what any true friend would say, which is that I loved her so much and also I had already been in a poly relationship. []


Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

Back to the first stop of the trip, Vienna. The city is as beautiful as it is functional and it may the last of its kind. You have to go see it now because as I've learned from travel...hardly anything stands the test of time and its mostly just a question of when.

The Spanish Riding School1





Two old women were gabbin the whole time we were watching the show. One pulls out an apple from her purse and starts chomping on it in front of the horses, so rude. What's next she takes out some sugar cubes and starts licking them?



Schönbrunn Palace


A storefront mouse workin' his storefront.



Belvedere Museum








I have a much greater appreciation for these tools after transcribing the Philosophical Transactions. Give it a read and you'll see what I mean.






The Albertina










I took the train from Vienna to Linz by myself for an infraction that I won't repeat the details of again. I will say though that the train ride was unenjoyable, desperate, and lonely. Not eating for a few days and then running through the train station while random thoughts fill your head with panic and a feeling of uncontrollable loss is a recipe for passing out. All of that being said, the next week was still much more challenging to get through. I was consumed in sadness and failed to take any other pictures besides this one of the platform. My time in Vienna came to an abrupt stop which is also another reason to avoid wasting time and missing out on a city that may never be as great as it is now.2


  1. You're not actually allowed to take pictures inside. I got caught and cut off so please enjoy! []
  2. A woman in the same car as I was wearing a ball gown length shinny emerald dress with a fur shrug, a hat to match the outfit, and a gladstone bag. She was the perfect character to accompany a person on the train. I was afraid that when my stop was called that I would be stepping onto the platform of 1800's Linz. Regretfully, I did not get a picture of her but I am sure she's somewhere in the world escaping from danger with just enough time. []


Thursday, November 14th, 2019

So, after Linz but before Brno/Prague we visited Frankfurt. This was a rather sad trip for me. The city itself is so dirty and filled with garbage that you would think the people who live there actually despise it. I stopped keeping track of the amount of rats and we never found aworththemention place to eat or have coffee. The hottest nightlife spot consisted of teenagers drinking bottles of wine outside the city center while blasting US rap. I'd rather live in Timisoara (and that's saying something because I'd rather be in Highland than in Timisoara) and am thankful that we only stayed the amount of time we did. That being said, I only took two pictures:

This is a view from our hotel room as the sunset.


A niche shop filled with so many different kinds of brushes.


Munich similarly let us down and so we skipped Berlin all together. It's a sad thing when a place decays past the point of it's historical value.

Though the thing I won't ever forget about Frankfurt is the first meal we had there. I was a few days off of the harshest sentence I've gotten thus far and listened to some powerful, shocking, true, and heartbreaking things at that meal. I'll continue to reflect on what was said and let it be known that the lesson is not lost on me. However, the shattered feeling of pain still sits with me like a familiar friend on the edge of my bed. Speaking of old friends, I have to say that I am grateful for the man who talked me away from being consumed by anger and despair during this time - thirteen years of consistent, unyielding, vulnerable, love, and honest friendship.

Anyways, on to the small Austrian city of Linz.


View from the top of the Pöstlingberg.1







It's an incredible thing to feel so small while standing on top of the world. The trees in Europe during fall are absolutely beautiful and I missed the season while in Costa Rica.






Gnome house and the first hint that we should have hit the dirt and gotten out of there.



Because gnomes are fucking evil. The little bastards took over the forests and imprison all of the bears. Look how creepily they build things.


Clearly they also force the bears do drugs and have cubs so that they can put them to work being stung by bees and harvesting honey. Poor bear is stuck in a tiny cage.


And the tiger is so desperate to escape from the evil enslavement and propaganda machine that the gnomes built a city from.2




Definitely poison.


A city filled with death, destruction, and enslavement of forest animals. Never trust a gnome.





  1. Look up the Johnstown Inclined Plane sometime. []
  2. Walking through this story time village felt like I was in game of Rampage. []

Why everyone hates fetlife

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

I'm cleaning out my fetlife inbox of over forty unread messages and why suffer alone? Enjoy a snapshot of my inbox or why everyone hates fucklife. Unfortunately, I haven't found a better website for connecting kinky people so I guess its a necessary evil.

27 Undecided 2d
hello dear, i saw you in the news.
are you still in timisoara?
we are a couple interested in your lifestyle and would like to meet you for a glass of wine if thats something you wish to do.
Remus and Alina

Shit, I'm in the news. I can't be seen with you drinking wine.

59M Fetishist 5d
Miss Yes_pleaase,
Firstly and foremost I have to thank you for having accepted my friend request! :)
I had a glimpse all over your pics and I found them so attractive and interesting mostly for a 26 yr old girl..(it seems you maintain quite a sort of a teenage 'aura'..appearance) I would like to have a sort of correspondence with you, if possible.
(..btw sorry for some questions here: I was wondering, perhaps, despite the fact that you claim to be a slave, if would you like to be interested in the same way about findom/femdom activity? Could you using KIK for that purpose?)

Thanks in advance for any info you will furnish to me.


Lol dude called me a 26 year old girl... but what's even more annoying is that he thinks his thoughts matter enough to write down that I 'claim' to be a slave. Oh, the links are to groups that explain what financial domination is because finding a woman to pay money to is so hard he has to seek out ones who durr can't understand the concept.

23M Dom 1w
damn hey little, just found you on here. I am new to bratislava however a dom from austria looking for some useful girls. text me !

I know what you are going to ask and no I can't lift heavy things!

38M Top 1w
Hello, interesting Slave girl is that you on this profile pic cause you look really cute and it seems you could benefit from a solid but strict i right or wrong.....i hope i m right.
Also it looks like you are very serious about being a part of this lifestyle and want to go further with you and your company?

What an odd & neurotic message.

28M Bull 2w
Hello! So lets go party tonight,im from portugal and i live here, and i have few girls that arw able to join too

Portugal and a few girls. Sold offer.

23M Switch 2w
are u coming in albania

Actually I do squirt across countries.

32M Switch 3w
Hello, it seems that you are in Prague now so Im thinking - would your master be interested in you being watched when you are dominated? Because that could be a lot of fun and since you are not staying here for a long time... Let me know

32M Primal 7w
Hey there you and a friend wan to go out tonight? Aka 6-8hours from now, lol

Not funny & I heard there are a few girls in Portugal(s).

26M Switch 13w
Hi, would you like to kick a man's balls ? :)

This is one of a dozen requests and all are just as annoying.

24M Dom 15w
How many cocks have you fucked?

At least he skipped over the 'where are you from'.

57M Master 37w

Thanks for accepting my friendship!

If you feel I can be of assistance, just PM me.

Master, slave and pet Trainer

He listed his credentials so if anyone's interested, please do let me know!...

Twenty-nine unopened messages and I give up. Fetlife seems to be the loser lunch table of all social media composed of socially awkward people and financial 'dommes' ready to take advantage of them. Coincidentally this describes the munches and parties we've been to with the exception of Warsaw, Vienna, and Prague.

VooDoo club in Warsaw had a gothic themed play space and huge party attendance. The space to play was lacking because of the amount of people attending; however, I had a blasty blast smoking weed outside with transsexuals (who hid their joints in broken bricks outside) and women donning strapons. The venue was also shared with middle schoolers who were attending a k-pop concert so conversation in the bathroom was not lacking.


Here I am outside of VooDoo wearing a dress from Romania, ballgag from Argentina, handcuffs from Costa Rica, cat mask from Kiev, and a purse from Minsk. If you read this blog then you know I can't make this shit up.

Vienna had the first casual BDSM cafe and bar that I have ever encountered (named SMart cafe and No Limits bar respectively). The people watching me getting my ass beat were all very pleasant and understood boundaries of scenes which made them a pleasure to spend an evening with. If they were annoying you wouldn't have been able to tell.

Prague is an honorable mention because of how massive the play space is. The party we attended was huge (literally) but not one person was worth talking to, which has never happened before - no matter how lame the party. They have a serious bdsm shop and mini dungeons composed of a working wheel, cages, stocks..etc..that will forever be worth the mention to me.

In the end, it breaks my heart that fetlife is dead and truthfully I want to be wrong. After all, it is the website that I met my Master on and a few other people I care about. So, if I am wrong and missing the party somewhere please let me know because it sure as hell isin't in my inbox.


Monday, November 11th, 2019

Have you ever visited a new country only for a few days with the intention of 'trying it out to see if it's worth coming back to'? I hadn't either until Prague. Our plans changed significantly1, as plans tend to do, and we landed in Brno2 for a night without a clear idea of which city (or country for that matter) would be next. Let's say we drew straws and la fortuna was with Prague.

& Prague fucking delivered! We spent the first day finding out what the city is all about. Trust that my pictures don't do justice to the beauty of the buildings that line even the 'New Town' in Prague.3


I'll be back for you.


annd for you.



We hit up the town at night to chat up girls and I had a lot of fun. Let's do some bimbo highlights!

- When asking a girl where the good bars/clubs are, she blurted out a word in Czech and then followed up with - 'just search for the long street' you'll find it. Bitch, we searched long street and it took us through three continents. If you're curious I had her write it down and the street she was referring to is actually called Dlouhá.

- Jamaican club promoters entice girls into their clubs by encouraging them to, "don't be shy move your body!" And you know it worked as a few girls shrugged their shoulders and followed them. Note to self: get a sheep dog.

- We found a pair of Russian girls outside of a rock club. One girl whose name I can't remember and another girl named Stella. Noname promised to take the three of us to a Canadian party hosted by some people from her college. In the end it was only a club with around ten people in it so we bailed, but not before noname had a drunk girl breakdown. Wherein she rapped Cardi B (Never imagine id hear a Russian girl rap Cardi in Prague. While you were say you did.), chastised Stella for not fucking more girls, and then begged her to sleep over....We drove Stella home and had some fun telling her about the thrills of slavelife.




Back in time for the strip club.4

Europe has really severely disappointed me with their strip clubs...surcharges for girls, pasties, couches on the stage..etc. That being said, Prague has a club called Darling Cabaret that was deemed worth a try. I'm on strict orders to not scuff these boots until July so naturally we walked from the wine bar (where we met up with the aforementioned Stella) to the club. The club was alright, as in the music was somewhat better and the girls were actually using the pole. We were too indecent for the STRIP CLUB staff though as the hosts got bitchy about the lack of underwear. The girls who work at Hooters in Costa Rica have a way better attitude and understanding of how to have a good time. Needless to say, it's rather unpleasant to be surrounded by sulking girls who are bitterly policing each other for the wrong reasons. In the end, and as usual the club itself was boring and the party came and left with us.

Do you see what I mean though? The hotel lobby suddenly becomes a much better party then the premiere night club.



I took the shot above at around 6AM on my way to extract Florimund from his own adventure. It's always nice to walk in a city as the sun rises. This also brings to end our first trip to Prague as we spent a few days in Budapest before returning. The remaining pictures are from the second week long trip.



I was running errands and ended up at the nail salon, wherein I asked the man working if he could do letters and he said he indeed can within the time frame that I needed to meet Hannah. Great. I wrote on a piece of paper the words JUICY BIMBO. The more times he repeated juicy bimbo the more humiliating the situation became and the louder I agreed. The other woman working in the salon asked if I was getting the design done for Halloween, maybe? Nope, just another day I told her- honestly smiling as hard as I could. It was a tiny salon and only the three of us. I spent the majority of the time watching the clock before another girl walked in. She sat down next to me and the other woman started working on her, but first the girl argued with her with comments like, "I can't get that nude my friends will make fun of me, why I can't I do something longer, no my friends not coming she's asleep, are these really the only nudes you have..." The bitchier she got the more I wanted her to catch on to what was going on with me. Someone called her and when I heard "Ce faci" I couldn't wait. Finally the man working on my nails again spelled out loud juicy bimbo and I felt the girl freeze. Until I was done in another thirty minutes she said absolutely nothing and barely moved. Finally when my sparkly pink nails were finished she then asked if she could take a picture and could barely mumble answers to the questions I asked in an attempt to make conversation (Interesting she had no problem asking for a picture but actual conversation was out of the question.) Before she finished answering I said OK great and picked up my one stripper shoe5 and was on my way just in time to meet Hannah for coffee and cake.


Andd back as promised for the sweet sweet edibles. Prague has a market of mushrooms, edibles, weed,..etc. sold at convenience stores around the city. Pretty cool in theory but the cookies and gummies we got were extremely weak. I imagine as with most things drug related its about who you know.



On to the National Museum....





Upper floor, anyone?















A log cabin made by a goose.













I think they are trying to tell us something.... Most museums will have large signs to direct you towards their display pieces but not in Prague. The museum is so empty that all is needed is a small sign that sort of somewhat looks like what could be displayed - you really can't miss it.




  1. More on the Germany debacle later - we're going back in time here on bimbo club. []
  2. For my Indiana readers, Brno is a city in the Czech Republic. []
  3. I'll refer you to Trilema for that. []
  4. Master also graced me with these beautiful red boots. To think that I used to go into work everyday and sarcastically tell people I was living the dream. prague-522 []
  5. I broke my pleasers while in Kiev and needed to get them fixed before returning to Romania. Simply because getting this done in Romania would have taken a week of research and two days wasted of negotiating with people who do not want to work. In Prague I dropped off the shoe and it was done the very next day. []

brown eyes

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

I wake up and don't know what I'm doing here.
Where am I and why?

I want to go but I can't. Frozen against the sheets, I stare at the window to the world outside. Can I go? It's not the same world, I'm different now.

Did I do everything I could have? What do I do with whats left? Theirs nothing to make new again. It's just me and the cold winds.

No one to help me stand up again. I left and all is gone.

Whose left to blame? You made me. Is this what I wanted after all?


Please don't forget me & I won't you. Please hear what's left in my dreams - I miss you and am no longer afraid to need you.
I don't want to go - please do I have to?


Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

Bring me an apple he commanded the slave girl. She glanced at him in bed before she walked out of the room, he was laying in a bed covered with white sheets while wearing a white robe. It was fitting foreshadowing. She walked to the kitchenette, the lights got more intense, and her thoughts flooded with things like "pick the right apple, you can't pick an apple, you are about to get in trouble, do you see the bathroom, remember the last words he said because who knows in how many days until you hear his voice" and she pushed those thoughts away...telling herself like so many other times that she needs to be positive. How can picking a fruit end so poorly? Re-focusing on fetching an apple, she picked the most red one and washed it. Bringing it back to him with a smile and an air of hope. Then his face dropped and she knew. He spit out the apple and told her it was garbage. All she had to do was get some apples and she wasted more of his money. The disgusting red apple mocked her with it's shine against his white robe. The girl brought him another apple and although passable enough to take a bite of, he eventually proclaimed he wouldn't eat it. The slave was reminded by him of how little he's found apples he liked and she brought him terrible ones from the same store as the good ones.

Eventually and unsurprisingly everyone else moved on. She wished he would just beat her, choke her, kill her...something to allow her move on from the pain of ruining his apples. It's terribly numbing to always feel like your Master hates you. It's a terrible thing to be a bad apple.

1000 words a day.

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

This morning started like none other because no day is really that similar to the one before. I had been sleeping and dreaming of all sorts of weird things - missed final exams, a boarder check composed of only dogs, and me desperate to find the gelape. Sleep abruptly came to a stop (which caused me to wake up heart racing and desperate for air) when I heard the sound of Master's slippers flip flopping in the hallway. These days my brain takes a good minute to reconstruct reality from the dream interweb it created of my past lives and current fears. I escape into Master's room and the next fifteen minutes is spent in a joyous morning reunion. It's now late October in Budapest and the weather has just turned - making the time spent giggling and cuddling under the blankets all the better.

The topic of what I secretly refer to as the 'doin it adventure' or more publicly known as the Harem's Grand European Tour 2019 came up as a point of discussion.1 So many different things have happened in the last month of travel and so much is left to document. But for now, lets happily recount the last few days.

We left Prague on Monday the 28th of October at around 11AM for Budapest and with a tentative plan to visit Bratislava after Buttapest. Us leaving includes no less than three suitcases, six bags, and five coats. You can do the imagining of how many laptops, cameras, cords, cases...etc. go with that amount of luggage. A few hours into the drive the plan changed and now the harem is instead making a derailment to Vienna! We've been all over Europe by now and only one place has managed to make the steaks exactly correct. Why not have a steak stop in Vienna?2 After dinner some tasks ensue3 and we make it to the hotel in Budapest by 840PM. Did you follow all of that? Three countries in one day isin't so bad. The rest of the evening is spent performing militaresque unpacking, glove searching, and then rum - lot's of wonderfully spiced rum and coffee.

Yesterday, Wednesday October 30th, morning was spent with the intricacies of driving to breakfast and finding a parking spot in the over populated city. More parking garages please!4 After breakfast it was errands time, which included a stop at a few stores (one stop being to purchase Zubrowka cherry vodka, which until now we haven't been able to find outside of Poland.) and the local market. Such tasks brings us to the end of the day and thus in Budapest tradition - Kebabi time.5




This retelling of the past few days has led us to this present moment. Tonight we pack and tomorrow we return to Romania. Despite the crying and cursing that has ensued over the last month (that we will necessarily get to later) I am sad that this portion of the trip is over. Fortunately for me, tomorrow I'll have another thousand words to reflect on my boring life. Until then I am off to buy a dozen apples and search for Hungarian vibrators. Oh you know...suck tasks. Wish me luck.

  1. Which also sparked a decree of me to write 1,000 words a day. Slavery isint conducive to free time, so as usual my first thoughts were filled with panic supported by reasons of how this won't be possible. If not curbed, these thoughts can become a slippery slope which leads right to the failure train. The only way to run out of time is to waste it. []
  2. It's a great place called the Porter House - across the street from the fantastic Goulash Museum which is next to De Capo Pizzeria. This is really the corner to come to if you are hungry without reservation in Vienna. []
  3. I was handling some phone business in a nearby mall. While living in the states, I never once physically went to a phone or internet providers location. Similar to a DMV you take a ticket and stand around until your number comes up. I take a ticket and breathe a little because I am number two in line. Still though, people love waiting in lines so to be sure I ask the guys ahead of me if I can switch. They decline my explanation of how I will be 10 minutes at the very most. Fine. Soon the fuck boys are called up (fuck boys as in how much pride they put in their 80 dollar sweatpants, the new fade, the shifty movements, and how much they lick their lips.) - apparently one got a new phone and its a big to do. I wait and fucking wait for this other dumble dick who has been camping at the register to move on. I get pissy and talk the guy into helping me and I am out of there. Still though, an unacceptable amount of time wasted. []
  4. You see my friends, I forgot Master's umbrella which necessarily meant that he needed to be dropped off at the door of what we'll call the breakfast palace. This caused me to drive past the one parking spot in a five block radius. From there the naive attempt was made to use a nearby parking garage with free spots! How lucky for a slave. Oh, but wait... this is a boat parking garage where a crane will pick up your car and carry it through a roller coaster of cars until it drops it on the right one. However, the dubious worker does guarantee (while laughing) that all you need to do in order to retrieve your car is: press the button while tugging on the rope only when the light is flashing and then turn the hanging wheel two turns to the left then four to the right. We would never leave Florimund in such a trap, but leaving also led us to crossing a bridge and further unpleasantness before finding a parking spot. []
  5. Hannah found the best place for kebabs and hummus in the city. Such a treat as Romania and Costa Rica has nothing like this. 1000words-14 This picture from the kebab place has been sentenced to the footnotes because of it's derpiness. []