TMSR Log Summary - 10/03/2018

October 6th, 2018

- Lobbes made the pont that, Pizarro readers get real time updates on why/ how service is being done on their box

- Discussion on benefit of having a republican ISP

- Diana_coman reported that, “www is up, date is set, everything so far looks fine”

- Diana_coman’s uy received packets from

- Discussion on Dianan_coman having no errors between the 2 concerned nodes and ~99.80% making it to the other side

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “the point of instruct and inform is that it sticks, and it becomes systematic and universal”

- Newcomers disappeared after channel found out their uselessness

- Mircea_popescu proposed the idea that the Foundation chair should be publicized as being able to be reached for comment

- Pf is packet filler

- Diana_coman posted the error log

- Bingoboingo inspires www suicide

- Discussion on US message against participating in Uruguay cultural event

- Invoices are sent

- Mod6 expresses need for help

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “on the topic of bitcoin, 100% of relevant professionals is tmsr”

- Asciilifeform suggests that mod6, “let's put the letters ( + any replies ) on yer www, when they go, so we dun gotta have this thread 2nd time”

- Mod6 needs time for Pizzaro and paying bills

TMSR Log Summary - 10/02/2018

October 5th, 2018

- Discussion on beatings and beating implements

- Mircea_popescu does not approve of the colors on irc

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “the world essentially consists of the ~assumptions~ of existence and function of a large crowd of morons who never test these”

- lithium batteries are a problem

- Discussion asciilifeform/bingoboingo installing new drives

- Mod6 reported that, TRB machine will be shutdown and brought to texas - should come back online around November 15th

- Diana_coman suggests leaving the old disk plugged in to see when it dies

- Eulora’s communication protocol specifies different lengths of messages

- Discussion on Eulora traffic/16kb packets

- 2 sizes of udp packets are necessary

- People need to talk of the same things in order to talk productively

- Discussion on server not talking to new people/ new account packets

- Asciilifeform made the point that, everything works great with quiet volume

- Discussion on proper calculation for mircea_popescu rewriting the rewrite re-write of comms protocol with this new paradigm

- Nicoleci learned what an RSA key is

- Discussion on 4byte output from keccak

- Various drivers are lifted from freebsd

- Bingoboingo returns to data center

TMSR Log Summary - 10/01/2018

October 5th, 2018

- The BTC-Dev mailing list is not working, so mod6 has posted the September State of Bitcoin Address to his site at:

- Mod6 is creating the Pizarro report and then plans to begin creating a keccak version of the TRB tree

- Mod6 is stepping down as Foundation Co-Chair after the Pizzaro report is finished

- Discussion on how hanbot can add value to the foundation as co-chair

- Hanbot would like to review the charter and logs before considering the nomination for co-chair

- Esthlos provided an update that, the asdf is not working with ccl, but the sbcl version builds and appears to work and plans to produce a “write up” in the next few days

- Esthlos made the point that, “asdf is used to join the pieces together (keccak, gpg, etc.) for use by the vtron proper”

- Discussion on trb

- Asciilifeform would like mod6’s duties continued after he steps down

- Discussion on if the Foundation’s charter can assign specific job duties and if mod6’s work so far can be a model for the role responsibilities moving forward

- Mircea_popescu explains the idea of contracts

- Man killed while sleeping in car a few blocks from bingoboingo

- Mod6 believes now is a good time to bring new leadership to the foundation

- Diana_coman created a patch for the 255 instead of 256 error on keccak

- Discussion on caesar

- Mod6 loves the foundation/trb and feels as though he has the right approach for the work being done but is lacking on the sale side of pizzaro

- Diana_coman commends mod6 for his work on v-tree for trb

- Discussion on the Foundation’s charter

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “this is misdesigned. i'm not about to fuck my system so some moron somewhere can miswrite his program”

- Discussion on logging

- Asciilifeform would like a third and a replacement for mod6

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “bitcoin was originally designed to work in the manner kids run doom -- turn it on now and again”

- Mod6 believes he lacks the marketing/sales experience that is necessary for Pizzaro

- Mircea_popescu suggested that mod6 reach out to sales/marketing leaders for mentorship

- Bingoboingo has not received any news from DHL

- Discussion on redraw

- Bingoboingo received the package

- Bingoboingo is in need of a taller desk

- Contents need to be copied to new drives

TMSR Log Summary - 9/30/2018

October 4th, 2018

- Discussion on mod6’s responsibilities within the foundation and if his time can be better spent on other items

- Another chair is requested for the foundation

- Trinque was nominated as co-chair but declined due to his attention needed on other projects

- Discussion on ideas to better allocate work

- Discussion on what the expectations for the foundation are

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “the only limiting factor in foundation finance atm is the twin perception that foundation doesn't need more money nor has anything useful to do with it if it had more money”

- The world would have been better off without linux

- Mircea_popescu stated that, “every hour you spend suing the government is an hour you don't spend burning down the police station”

- Jurov reported that, “the IP address mirror is the foundation box where I'm presently migrating the mailinglist”

- A new local sim should be purchased when relocating

- Discussion on nodes

- Mocky cannot drive in Qatar, due to having a tourist visa and is not shipping his motorcycle

- Discussion on motorcycles in various countries

- Mircea_popescu made the point that people should stop commuting on phones but use the respective devices

- Discussion on unlocking phones and carriers

TMSR Log Summary - 9/29/2018

October 3rd, 2018

- Mod6 finished trb

- Trump won a labor lawsuit in Uruguay

- Asciilifeform ran the experimental patch bringup in trb node zoolag

- Mircea_popescu would like “trb properly ground”

- Mod6 would like a vtron that supports keccak before trb is running and would like users to get a vtron and build in trb

- Manifest was published last week

- Asciilifeform posted that, “all of zoolag's valid new blox came from one”

- Discussion on trinque receiving cloudfront error

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “keccak isn't some fucking optional package”

- Mircea_popescu would not like to see sha patches

- Phf can post a patched that works with vtools on Sunday

- Discussion on workload priorities/ dismantling the foundation

TMSR Log Summary - 9/28/2018

October 2nd, 2018

- The one second delay between diana_coman’s packets was planned

- Mircea_popescu stated that, “the obnoxious part about the ignorant approach is that it purports to "identify as problems" the specific parts that are both well designed and functioning as designed, ie specifically the hash transition”

- Asciilifeform will be rewording to run on phf's components

- Mircea_popescu will never say, "here -- use THIS .emacs"

- Craftsmen should be responsible for their own tool set

- Asciilifeform produced only 0 packet losses, but 0 reorders and mircea_popescu wants it to run for a few weeks

- Phf created a new/very good vdiff

- Discussion on asciilifeform testing with 10ms

- Discussion on the need for >1k/s per user

- Mircea_popescu will not say, "do not use"

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, ““we don't do shit for any other reason than because "alternatives were reviewed, this came out"”

- Discussion on Eulora players being within sight to get position update

- Diana_coman’s testing plan is to, collect at least 1 week worth of data and then to repeat the experiment with smaller delays and several senders perhaps

- Tarot reader in Uruguay is forecasting that the year will bring good pork and snakes

- Discussion on fragments

- News about Japanese robot seals have spread to Uruguay

- "pigeon manually transported"

- Qatar has a 'free zone' for foreign R&D and tech startups; permits a new company to have 100% foreign owners, 0% tax on profits, duty free import/export

- Uruguay has a ‘free zone’ with harsh stipulations

- Discussion on UDP for DDOS

- Discussion on RSA

- Discussion on the current use of email

While you were, say you did

October 2nd, 2018

Read through this blog, look at my LinkedIn, analyze how I stand, and you think you know me. What's behind a blog name anyways? What if ‘they’ think i am to sarcastic, dumb, cliche, disgraceful, bad at writing.. etc. I spent most of my life analyzing myself to perceive how others would judge me and hiding the parts that did not match to the people. My earliest memory of this behavior started when I was 12, and I disgusted my step mom by playing Kanye West’s newest album, Late Registration. The album played for about 45 seconds until she banned the music, berated me for the “offensive lyrics”, and then got my dad involved too (to bad for them that they missed out on when Yesus made great albums). No matter what I said they could not understand why I would listen to such things and I quickly gave up on trying to explain why I would. This was a pattern with me and them, and it became a constant struggle for me to justify to myself what the point was in even trying to make someone understand me.

Of course, that was not enough for me to stop listening to what they disliked, but to compartmentalize them into the no rap-flex zone. I started to hide parts myself from them and others in way that I didn’t have to hear about anything again. From here on out, only Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen for them. This behavior seemingly worked so naturally only intensified..

At 16 I would ride around town smoking weed on Saturday nights - only to be up for church in the morning, as youth group president and this while sneaking off to the city to have a very secret relationship. My idyllic lifestyle was being a slave to a man (BDSM, FBI - stop that!!) at the same time I was leading a women in business organization in college. While working in human resources I would party and make out with the girls I worked with, but enforced the sexual harassment and no drugs policy during the week. I justified living like this by telling myself that I was being professional or protecting others feelings by putting myself into boxes. I was genuine in all of my interests and saw nothing wrong with each of them separately but together they just didn’t fit.

I was so consumed with what other people thought of me and creating the best image to appease the people in my life, that I ran from the thoughts that confronted me when I was alone. The hard truth was that I had no idea who I was other than whatever the person in front of me wanted me to be. This isn't to say that I was not my own person with my own interests; however, I would only allow you to see the parts of me that I judged you could like and understand.

I got really good at not letting my different worlds cross. I got really good at living with these sort of dichotomies. That was until about a month ago when I was forced to make a choice. It was a fairly simple choice that I was confronted with. I could either publicly embrace my Master whom I love and had been waiting for or not have one at all. See it is a simple choice, but with consequences of breaking the image that I so carefully crafted of myself. For once, I spent little time analyzing the risks and embraced transparency. It was time to stop thinking about what everyone thought of me and only what my Master sees me as. A Master who not only saw through me, but found the parts that I had buried the deepest within myself. This is what real bdsm and slavery is; the last choice that will make you free enough to truly live. This post isn't about bdsm though, its about the road map to a journey for an authentic life and whatever that means to you.

I suppose all of this makes me look like a hypocrite or the best politician.. Ah there I go again. For my sake, let’s all agree that I’ll forever look like the only thing that matters, a bimbo.
Besides, whats is in a blog name anyways?

Sidebar for those few friends who support my unconventional life and remain by my side. I sincerely hope everyone is as fortunate as we are to have found each other. The best crew of latchkey kids anyone could ask for and i’ll go toe to toe with anyone who says differently.

TMSR Log Summary - 9/27/2018

October 1st, 2018

- Asciilifeform separated the sha patches

- Discussion on asciilifeform moving item to keccak

- Esthlos plans to integrate keccak this weekend

- Diana_coman process is to first checks sig and then feeds patch to vtools

- Discussion on keccak vtools/ v replacement

-Discussion on use of

- Trinque is using v-esthos in cuntoo beta

- Phf made the point that, “vtools has not been designed or intended to compete with any particular v implementation. it's a set of tools that you can use in a v workflow”

- Discussion on esthlos's approach to reimplement his own keccak

- Bingoboingo provided an update that, he will be sending a message to DHL regarding him being an accredited importer of packaged goods for commercial use

- Discussion on diana_coman’s post - Ossasepia - Tester for UDP Communications

- The argentine peso dropped 0.85/1.45 to 0.55/1.25 in one month

TMSR Log Summary - 9/26/2018

October 1st, 2018

- Forming a LLC in Qatar requires a bank deposit of 200k QR/ 55k USD

- Mod6 requested updates to the list of Advertised Republican Nodes

- Mocky posted the steps of opening a business in Qatar

- Discussion on linux paths

- Cost of living in Qatar is similar to US/UK

- Discussion on how to force dosbox into full screen display

- Diana_coman provided an update that, the udp tester is running nicely and will publish relevant code

- Discussion on keccak patches and file names

- Bingoboingo received confirmation and is registering as an importer

- Phf is republishing aarch gnat as a single tree

TMSR Log Summary - 9/25/2018

September 30th, 2018

- Verisimilitude is voiced

- Verisimilitude has been working on Meta-Machine Code (MMC) and came to the channel for advice

- Asciilifeform will work on getting rk drivers on 2.6 kernel

- Asciilifeform strongly suggests that verisimilitude registers with deedbot and reads the logs

- Discussion on verisimilitude generating a key

- Diana_coman provided an update that, all 100 packets of a batch (sent in burst mode, no delays) made it through the pilot test with pseudo-randomly chosen sizes between 6 and 2048

- Discussion on diana_coman’s next test

- Discussion on how to produce a test where there is only 1 size, across various sizes

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “what people want is what people want, and then "what is available" tries to fuck with this”

- Phf’s binutils build is attempting to use bootstrapped gcc

- Diana_coman’s test should be a study of the route under best conditions and the tests will now consist of, “no counter sent in header for packets; packets will have sizes between 6 (header length so minimum) and 2048; sender will have a 1 second delay between each new package sent”

- Ave1 suggests that phf debugs by, compiling a basic C hello world with the AdaCore gcc

- Discussion on “poetry circles”

- Discussion on bingoboingo getting package through customs

- Discussion on how/if to pursue litigation in response to Uruguay customs