What I wish I knew a month ago.

Everything has changed for me in a month. So what have I learned?

For one, when you leave the country, try not to park your car where someone will be murdered (although in Chicago it is hard to find square footage where no crimes have been committed). It just so happens that someone will get shot next to your car - in a double homicide. Detectives will call about your abandoned car to see if you are still alive. This is especially true after filing a recent police report against your father. Which leads me to my next point..

When your family tries to kidnap you to save you from a nonexistent kidnapping (reverse taken- so took?), you may be upset for awhile. You’ll have a lot of questions, like: who was involved with this crazy plot of saving you from a cult, why did the people you trust the most betray you, why was the entire idea of family a lie, why were they so weak…etc. You’ll struggle for a long time in trying to find peace and a lesson from the situation. However, when you do make a break through and accept help from a real friend, you will realize that - nothing and no one will phase you after letting go of six people you’ve known for 25 years. Facing your biggest fear should be something of gratitude. If you can move on from this then, nothing will stop you. Of course, having someone who rides through the mess with you will speed up everything… which is my final lesson learned..

Try not to stop trusting. Revenge and hate will be the easiest thing to feel. If you are lucky, you’ll have someone who will sit on the floor with you and hold you while you cry for hours. That person will not ask for anything or doubt you, but be so constant that you can’t help not giving up. They will remind you of who you are and who you've always been. Soon you will remember that, life will be the reward to those who have wronged you. If you are really lucky after hours of trying, that same person will make you laugh again. You will appreciate laughing because it came from pain and with a new found sense of freedom.

So to do what I am famous for and summarize these lessons…

Nothing is guaranteed and if you are pursuing a new life, then be open because challenges wont stop coming. Lessons are in everything and choose to have gratitude in face of fear. People will equally hurt you as much as save you and loyalty is the highest form of friendship. Also, take a break on purses.

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