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TMSR Log Summary - 11/05/2018

Monday, November 19th, 2018

- Discussion on bingoboingo's memory issues

- The US does not produce good coffee

- Mircea_popescu is interested in a chip foundry that the republic manages in Qatar

- Mocky survives the MP hot seat

- Diana_coman is moving keys to a config file

- Asciilifeform dosent tolerate raccoons

- The US pretends its cities are actual places

- Bitcoin miner spam sites are still being created

- Mocky is searching for the Qatar's assistant undersecretary of information technology

- Discussion on Qntra article - India Rolls Out Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, "we are not all the same one"

- Diana_coman provided an update with 80 cols/vptach

- Mocky had success at a blockchain event

- Discussion on Bvt's issue with ada.Sequential_IO conflicts with restriction in test applications

- Llamas may have the protein cure for a flu vaccine

What a Good Citizen Means to Me.

Sunday, November 18th, 2018

During my packing for relocating to Costa Rica, I found this gem - a winning essay contest submission that I wrote in fifth grade.

What a Good Citizen Means to Me.

My idea of a good citizen is not someone who is perfect or is everyone’s role-model, but my idea of a good citizen is someone who gives back to the community. They don’t have to donate thousands of dollars to charity or large amounts of money. Students can be good citizens too. You could try to help other students in class who are struggling. In the neighborhood students or anyone can help the elderly by shoveling, raking, mowing their grass, watering their flowers, or even just visiting and talking to them. That’s giving a lot back to the community even though it doesn't seem like it is. Throwing trash in the garbage is a big help to the whole world. Being a good citizen can be anyone. The little things count a lot. Everyone can be a good citizen young or old.

Can you believe this piece (of shit) won for the whole county? Indiana, though you know… 103 words for a 100 word contest. I murdered the 11 year old competition. Apparently, I had a fixation on yard work. Please, Costa Rica, use the trash bins; I’ve always felt strongly about that.

TMSR Log Summary - 11/04/2018

Saturday, November 17th, 2018

- Hanbot declined the co-chair position for the foundation and made the point that, multiple people and hundreds of hours per week are needed for foundation outreach

- Jurov opened an auction through auctionbot

- Mocky uses for a manual process to moderate comments

- Custom blog templates are available for purchase

- Discussion on rsa

- Ben_vulpes's workstation and gentoo are online

- Lobbes provided a post on auctionbot fees

- Discussion on terminal size

- Terminals should be aware of syntax

- Mircea_popescu hates hard line ends

TMSR Log Summary - 11/03/2018

Saturday, November 17th, 2018

- Discussion on emacs/ratpoison

- Coins are being sold until the 10th

- Shinohai's only option to continue in the republic is through self sacrifice and confrontation

- Qatar has no sense about opportunity

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, useful people are useful and not useful is useless

- Mocky is not having success with btc in Qatar

- Bingoboingo provided an update on qntra that, Canada has no bud to sell

- Mocky and the republic is attempting to help Qatar become a real country

- Bvt provided an update on the linux system call investigation

TMSR Log Summary - 11/02/2018

Friday, November 16th, 2018

- Billymg created a patch of the css for the default mp-wp theme

- Gnat needs to be manually implemented

- Vtools_genesis has a place for hash but cannot produce one

- Forced conduct prohibits genuine relationships

- Shinohai is testing trb with aggressive_pushgetblocks.vpatch

- Asciilifeform posted an update on the key expander of the serpent cipher being injective

- Fetlife profiles are not worth reading

- By reading the logs, diana_coman's son is years ahead of his peers

- Mocky is attending a gulf blockchain foundation meeting in Qatar

- Discussion on prostitution in Qatar

- Since the 80s, companies have been pushing crap as computers

- Gmail 'upgrades' make loading longer

TMSR Log Summary - 11/01/2018

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

- Auction terms were negotiated

- Pete_dushenski is ejected

- People grow by surrounding themselves with people who are better

- Prb is a fake alternative to the republic

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, "hungarian culture is the result of cluj people"

- Discussion on rabin/ game code

- should make money and if necessary, change policy

- Things should be said in time

- "You can be anyone" is not practical

- Listeners are intelligent and understand realistic options

- Discussion on progress of cipher

- To not be bijective you either lose bits or reject plain texts

- Discussion on eulora comms rsa key mandate

- Discussion on where to spade

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, "the reunion of fields of human activity where the time-function has no age-relation"

- Learning is possible with trying and practice

- Asciilifeform is developing a drop-in gpg replacement and a gpg extractor

- Bvt provided an update on progress with linux syscall interface

- Poisoning can be expensive

- Uruguayans are lacking introspection

TMSR Log Summary - 10/31/2018

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, "oppressed groups are oppressed for a fucking reason"

- Eucrypt tree uses keccak hashes

- Discussion on curl

- Discussion on possible concatenation in keccak

- Asciilifeform provided the link to a gnat flag that gives you all permissible constraints

- Asciilifeform provides reasoning behind fg timeouts

- Asciilifeform posted a matrix of

- Trinque is recovering from the flu

- Mocky published updates about his trip to Qatar

- Mircea_popescu had a 404 mn ecu pop in Eulora

- Mod6 posted the The Bitcoin Foundation's State of Bitcoin Address

TMSR Log Summary - 10/30/2018

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

- Justification and structure are needed in a post

- Blogs should be practically implemented

- Discussion on Bansky and what is pop culture

- People will finance anything

- Uruguay markets have no concept of supply chain

- Mod6 has continued interest in expanding the number of Foundation chairs

- Titanium definition for dabbing is a tool that can be heated

- Bingoboingo is fully benefiting from the republic

- Pizarro has a plan for profitability

- Auctionbot details are being worked out

- Banksy haunts bingoboingo

- Discussion on re-rewritten transformations without A

- Lobbes provided an explanation on how to bid with auctionbot

- Fetlife consists of only a few types of profiles

- Discussion on mircea_popescu's block chipher

- Rsa packet may be used in place of serpent

- Mismanaged zoo still has animals inside of it

- Asciilifeform posted the serpent ciphers key schedule on

- Mod6's node is running again

TMSR Log Summary - 10/29/2018

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

- Bingoboingo is writing a "republican research and doctrine on censorship resistance as of 2018" post

- Intellectual conclusions are rare

- grows in accreditation

- Discussion on blockciphers

- Discussion on key inflator

- Records of academic 'research' no longer exist

- Discussion on mircea_popescu's chipher

- Bingoboingo and nicoleci have the most unique job titles on linkedin

TMSR Log Summary - 10/28/2018

Sunday, November 4th, 2018

- Discussion on asciilifeform's post: Loper OS - Serpent in ICE40, Part 2

- No fly lists are hackable

- Empires make lists and are filled with superficial definitions

- Security offices consist of busy work

- Academic writing dosent provide explanation behind work