Fluid Flow of Films

By Nicole Renee

There it was, buried deep deep within a lengthy, dense article fourth footnote of a 5,000 word piece. Her heart still racing as she permits herself a gulp of air. She found the task before she had to answer for it. The white clay walls of her bedroom began expanding back to their normal human size. By now the list exceeds three items and requires a written record.

She uncaps the bright blue pen with the unicorn light. The physical pen carries the meta weight of taking notes that could potentially save her from severe punishment. The kind of punishment where you don't come back to your bed at night. This thought causes her to take inventory of the things in her room. A heart shape single piece of dog food sits next to her basket of glitter. It acts as a loving reminder that tasks in the harem are not completed to the standard of a check mark but rather to the standard of the one issuing the command.

"Okay. Add Master's blog to the list of possible places in which a film order can come from. That makes my blog comments, his blog, my fetlife account, the film computer note file, and email." On a sticky note and in all caps she writes DO NOT FORGET TO DOWNLOAD MOVIES. Her attention turns back to the article in front of her. An article of over 5,000 words that she only found out about when Master woke her up twenty minutes ago.

To be fair his footsteps woke her up. The loud, purposeful, and rhythmic steps were impossible to confuse for anyone else. Her brain working hard to wake her up before Master opens the door -

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