My punishment.

By Nicole Renee

The glass slipped out of my hand and crashed onto the wooden floor making tons of tiny shards. Historically speaking, I'm at least in good company. This must be every slaves greatest fear since at least the 1200s. I look up and smile at Master, attempting to make this into some sort of pleasant faux pas. Everyone was silent, leaning forward, and on their toes trying to figure out what would happen next. I hated them all for being so curious. In a house supported by timbered beams that are lined with D rings, what do they expect to happen? I take a deep breathe and look up trying to quickly count and focus on the candles in the chandelier. Instead though, I end up counting, again, the number of whips in the room. Twenty five leather whips hang on the walls. I'm not counting the other wooden beating implements or the fire irons that now seem to be strategically placed within arms reach of my beloved executioner.

"What did I tell you?"
"Let god help me if I drop another glass."

The narrowness in which he stares me down makes me tremble and I start to shakily apologize..

"Master, I'm sor-."

Before I can get the word 'sorry' out, I hear the dreadful, "Shut up."

It's rare to hear him so angry at a party and I know my ass isin't going to be spared to save the party goers from seeing a harsh punishment. I've heard only a few stories from other girls who were punished at social gatherings... One had to stand on rocks outside of the bathrooms for four hours, another was served dog food at every course of a five course meal, a girl was buried for the night with only her head sticking out of the dirt, and two were punished for arguing by whipping each other until he had enough.

"Get naked and wait outside for me."

Master returned to the party and I stood for a moment..shocked and unable to move. Fear brought me back and I slipped off the see through dress, my heels, and moved towards the door. Why can't I be this graceful when I'm not in trouble? With each step I imagined myself sinking further into the floor boards and disappearing from existence. My bout with disassociating from reality was short lived as Maddie grabbed my hand and gave me a hug before I left the house. She was wearing the same glittery see through dress and I'd give anything to be matching with her again. It's always the little appreciations that hurt the worst when you've been separated from humanity. She was wearing a beautiful emerald collar and it reminded me of the thick ruby collar around my neck and the matching ones around my wrists.

"You'll be okay, just don't make it worse than it already is."

The vague words of comfort that can save a slave. For a moment I let rage take over my brain and control my feelings. Guaranteed almost every person on earth has broken a glass or two... including him. Why must my mistakes be so severe? Do the people at the party even understand or care about such a small infraction? Of course not, I was the one who dreamed of being a slave since I was a little girl. None of them stayed up at night, praying for such a Master whom they could dedicate themselves hopes of becoming a slave who didn't do such a thing as break a glass.

My manic thoughts went back and forth until I fell to my knees on the cold, wet, harsh stones of the path - finally submitting to the beating that I desperately knew I deserved for doing such a poor job. Maybe I wanted this after hearing of the other girls' stories. The stone path lead to a peak with a platform. A large window which was connected to a room in the house overlooked the entire length of the platform. This is where I'd wait for him.

I was on my knees facing opposite to the house and looking out into the steep forest below when I felt the people at the party gathering around the window. I heard the clicking of Master's shoes as he approached me and I shrunk down into a folded kneeling position. I remember the day when he first stripped me and made me walk around the town naked. It was in August, when the breeze is cool but the warm sun creates the most refreshing pleasant temperature. I had just mastered bright pink and clear 17cm heels when I was told to get dressed but stay in the heels. I chose the tightest white-nipple showing dress and waited outside. At the same time Master arrived, so did a carriage with another girl inside it. I greeted him and started following behind as he walked towards the cart.

"Hahaha. Not for you bitch, you're walking." He took out a chain and fastened it to my collar and with another chain he clipped my wrist cuffs loosely together. The long chain attached to my collar was then padlocked to a hook at the back of the carriage. The girl then jumped out of the carriage and took my dress, dropping it onto the road as she got back inside. The man steering the carriage would occasionally whip the horse and then Master would whip me. We paraded through all of the main town roads like this. Me getting cursed out, cheered on, pictures taken, and the occasional person would try and touch me. Once we returned to the house, I was unchained and told that I did well. Permission was granted for me to return inside the house but I couldn't go in without easing my fixation by getting the dress that was now trampled into the dirt.

The stock locks with a click as its secured around my head and wrists. The weight of the wood is heavy - making it challenging for me to move my body. Bolts in the ground secure my ankles tightly. Immobile and at his mercy I feel the first crack of the whip. I can hear people inside gasping or jumping back but not looking away. I do my best to hold in the squeals but every fifth one gets me. My ass is a bleeding and I'm begging his shoes (unable to look up) by the time I've heard the last crack.

"It would have been so easy for you tonight. Why so much trouble with the very basic attempts at being a human?"

All I can muster in response is blabbing apologies, thank you, and it won't happen again.

"It better not. Now move to where the guests park their cars and say goodbye to each person as they leave. Offer your ass and make me proud. Don't come back in until you've showered. I expect you know where the hose is."

The weight of the stock makes me limp to the parking lot. My arms have gone numb and every few steps the marks on my ass flare up vibrating, as if pins are pricking me all over. I escort the first couple to their car. The man encourages his wife to slap my "unmarked" tits and he tips me a dollar in the cunt. Some variation of this goes on for the next 8 or 9 cars until a solo woman comes out and tells me she has something for me. I follow her to her car - she quickly turns around and smashes something on my head laughing. I don't realize its a tomato until the juice runs into my eyes and mouth.

"These tomatoes got lost in the car after a shopping trip about a week ago. A little moldy but the perfect ripeness for you. Go stand over there, I want to see how hard I can throw the last one."

Without receiving any paper tips, I escorted another four cars out. I couldn't wait to collect the nine dollars in my snatch and the change from the ground. The last man was so repelled by the smell that he said the only way I could escort him was if a bag was tied around my head to block the smell. I'm in no position to say no and Maddie comes to tie the bag around my head, she leaves the smallest hole for air so that I can walk with him. As we approach the car he has me kneel so that he can use my back as a stepping stool to get into the car and I earnestly wave goodbye when he drives away - without any idea of who he was.

After I'm done with a proper indoor shower, I'm told to join Master and sit with the other girls on the floor and by the fireplace, so that I can tell the story of my punishment...without leaving any of the details.

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