By Nicole Renee

Have you ever visited a new country only for a few days with the intention of 'trying it out to see if it's worth coming back to'? I hadn't either until Prague. Our plans changed significantly1, as plans tend to do, and we landed in Brno2 for a night without a clear idea of which city (or country for that matter) would be next. Let's say we drew straws and la fortuna was with Prague.

& Prague fucking delivered! We spent the first day finding out what the city is all about. Trust that my pictures don't do justice to the beauty of the buildings that line even the 'New Town' in Prague.3


I'll be back for you.


annd for you.



We hit up the town at night to chat up girls and I had a lot of fun. Let's do some bimbo highlights!

- When asking a girl where the good bars/clubs are, she blurted out a word in Czech and then followed up with - 'just search for the long street' you'll find it. Bitch, we searched long street and it took us through three continents. If you're curious I had her write it down and the street she was referring to is actually called Dlouhá.

- Jamaican club promoters entice girls into their clubs by encouraging them to, "don't be shy move your body!" And you know it worked as a few girls shrugged their shoulders and followed them. Note to self: get a sheep dog.

- We found a pair of Russian girls outside of a rock club. One girl whose name I can't remember and another girl named Stella. Noname promised to take the three of us to a Canadian party hosted by some people from her college. In the end it was only a club with around ten people in it so we bailed, but not before noname had a drunk girl breakdown. Wherein she rapped Cardi B (Never imagine id hear a Russian girl rap Cardi in Prague. While you were say you did.), chastised Stella for not fucking more girls, and then begged her to sleep over....We drove Stella home and had some fun telling her about the thrills of slavelife.




Back in time for the strip club.4

Europe has really severely disappointed me with their strip clubs...surcharges for girls, pasties, couches on the stage..etc. That being said, Prague has a club called Darling Cabaret that was deemed worth a try. I'm on strict orders to not scuff these boots until July so naturally we walked from the wine bar (where we met up with the aforementioned Stella) to the club. The club was alright, as in the music was somewhat better and the girls were actually using the pole. We were too indecent for the STRIP CLUB staff though as the hosts got bitchy about the lack of underwear. The girls who work at Hooters in Costa Rica have a way better attitude and understanding of how to have a good time. Needless to say, it's rather unpleasant to be surrounded by sulking girls who are bitterly policing each other for the wrong reasons. In the end, and as usual the club itself was boring and the party came and left with us.

Do you see what I mean though? The hotel lobby suddenly becomes a much better party then the premiere night club.



I took the shot above at around 6AM on my way to extract Florimund from his own adventure. It's always nice to walk in a city as the sun rises. This also brings to end our first trip to Prague as we spent a few days in Budapest before returning. The remaining pictures are from the second week long trip.



I was running errands and ended up at the nail salon, wherein I asked the man working if he could do letters and he said he indeed can within the time frame that I needed to meet Hannah. Great. I wrote on a piece of paper the words JUICY BIMBO. The more times he repeated juicy bimbo the more humiliating the situation became and the louder I agreed. The other woman working in the salon asked if I was getting the design done for Halloween, maybe? Nope, just another day I told her- honestly smiling as hard as I could. It was a tiny salon and only the three of us. I spent the majority of the time watching the clock before another girl walked in. She sat down next to me and the other woman started working on her, but first the girl argued with her with comments like, "I can't get that nude my friends will make fun of me, why I can't I do something longer, no my friends not coming she's asleep, are these really the only nudes you have..." The bitchier she got the more I wanted her to catch on to what was going on with me. Someone called her and when I heard "Ce faci" I couldn't wait. Finally the man working on my nails again spelled out loud juicy bimbo and I felt the girl freeze. Until I was done in another thirty minutes she said absolutely nothing and barely moved. Finally when my sparkly pink nails were finished she then asked if she could take a picture and could barely mumble answers to the questions I asked in an attempt to make conversation (Interesting she had no problem asking for a picture but actual conversation was out of the question.) Before she finished answering I said OK great and picked up my one stripper shoe5 and was on my way just in time to meet Hannah for coffee and cake.


Andd back as promised for the sweet sweet edibles. Prague has a market of mushrooms, edibles, weed,..etc. sold at convenience stores around the city. Pretty cool in theory but the cookies and gummies we got were extremely weak. I imagine as with most things drug related its about who you know.



On to the National Museum....





Upper floor, anyone?















A log cabin made by a goose.













I think they are trying to tell us something.... Most museums will have large signs to direct you towards their display pieces but not in Prague. The museum is so empty that all is needed is a small sign that sort of somewhat looks like what could be displayed - you really can't miss it.




  1. More on the Germany debacle later - we're going back in time here on bimbo club. []
  2. For my Indiana readers, Brno is a city in the Czech Republic. []
  3. I'll refer you to Trilema for that. []
  4. Master also graced me with these beautiful red boots. To think that I used to go into work everyday and sarcastically tell people I was living the dream. prague-522 []
  5. I broke my pleasers while in Kiev and needed to get them fixed before returning to Romania. Simply because getting this done in Romania would have taken a week of research and two days wasted of negotiating with people who do not want to work. In Prague I dropped off the shoe and it was done the very next day. []

8 Responses to “Prague”

  1. BingoBoingo says:

    I suspect that you were not the main target audience the gummies and cookies are marketing too. The "we want to backdoor our fun drug into legality by calling it medicine" crowd polluted the environment in the following way: While the folks who smoke so much they can't tell they're stoned crowd was breeding higher THC content cannabis, the "We swear it is our medicine" crowd bred weed low in THC but high in this other chemical they call CBD. CBD is partial antagonist of the getting high receptor, which is why I'm guessing your experience with edibles in Prague probably fell short of the high a bit of light exercise delivers.

    Being a partial agonist of the getting high receptor means CBD doped products get couch cankers and other stoners less high with increased consumption. CBD feels like medicine to the chronicly chronic'd because it is a pharmacological solution for knocking them out of their baseline stoned'ness and into something closer to an undrugged state. Of course, being a partial agonist it doesn't isn't the sorta brutal troll the mu receptor antagonist naltrexone is to poppy eaters. How the chronic stoners tend to recount these experiences from their perspective is "OMG, this was such an energetic, clearheaded high", nevermind that the only reason they felt high was... they were actually less high than their baseline at the time. It's a sort of antidote for THC

    But since it's still cannabis in the same way sweet corn in the garden and dent corn on the farm are corn, they wrap the CBD antidote to THC products up in both the 1970s through grunge era 'edgy' branding and the safe for aging mommies branding (bottom of your photo). Anyways, you got caught as the product's secondary target audience curious, often impulse, purchasers. In short, the market for that shit is folks already smoking a bunch and folks the maker is pointedly afraid of getting high. Down here, even in commercial establishments, the actual get people high cakes tend to be packaged with more of a school bakesale aesthetic and less of a gas station snack aesthetic.

    Also, excellent mission report on the nail salon trip.

    • nicoleci says:

      I think you must be right and thank you for your explanation. I was aware of CBD but not the marketing schemes behind edibles. Kinda dumb if you smoke that much to not be somewhat interested in what you are buying to understand CBD vs THC intake, if only for the fact that you can get higher for less money (but stoners I suppose). This is also the first country i've seen edibles and legal weed for sale in Europe and they got me!

      The bake sale aesthetic was true in Colorado and California too. This was also a convenience store wherein the states I've only bought from head shops. How are the products sold Uruguay?

      Wooh-hoo, thanks!

      • BingoBoingo says:

        Here there aren't really headshops outside of a couple gallery stalls in Barrio Centro. What they have here instead are Grow Shops which pointedly do not sell weed. Infrequently they'll offer weed to tourists looking for weed as a "gift" with a purchase. The Grow Shops however almost always have a rosin press if they don't suck, which they will use to produce extracts in that manner with herb supplied by customers.

        The legal weed situation is still the sadness described here. The only reasonable choice in the legal regime is filling a ~10 liter pot with a quality potting soil on a balcony and treating it like a tomato. I imagine the next government may open the situation up for the hell of it, and to rub the commies noses in their own shit.

        The edibles market is mobile. When I first arrived the Feria Tristan Narvaja reliably had several brownie vendors every week that would occasionally venture into bolder experimental products like doped dulce de leche or doped cooking oil for diy brownies. There are still vendors there, most weeks, but not with consistency and rarely the bold prominent placement as before. December through February with the tourist season occasionaly wandering vendors ply their wares in Parque Rodo and on the beaches. Hotels have been known to get busted for selling brownies on the less than quiet.

        Be aware that wandering folks go around selling undrugged baked goods to undercut the baker cartel. They generally don't try to misrepresent their wares as drugged. It's just a not uncommon way for folks to buy their cookies here.

        I've heard the platform "Couchsurfing" tend to have folks targeting the tourist market in their section for meetups that don't involve bumming along on other people's furniture.

        The much herladed in the international press "Pharmacy weed" is a Soviet, fish counter where they don't have fish affair. The "Cannabis clubs" are a way to spend 8000 to 18000+ pesos monthly for what ~1000 pesos in capital equipment, ~1500 pesos in seeds, and 10-12 weeks of patience can apparently produce. I've also not met a cannabis club member that doesn't have profound... problems.

        The traditionally grown, pressed, and cured flowers out of Paraguay are also present, but the cuidacoches mostly have stopped bothering with it in favor of cocaine and "pasta base." It seems going to Paraguay and picking up a brick of weed is a common local rite of passage and school break phenomenon.

        • nicoleci says:

          It's a shame that the market is this convoluted. As usual, the government interference seems to stop any real economic prosperity. I suppose it's at the very least a good incentive to pick up the skill of growing it yourself.

          Baker cartel is a great name for a strain.

  2. hanbot says:

    Olga would be rather upset you've forgotten her name, though whether she herself remembers it is a little controversial.

  3. Who the fuck is Olga!

    PS. Get your recent comments up bitch, you're missing out.

    • nicoleci says:

      Olga is the 18 year old Russian girl that Stella said supposedly worked at Darling strip club but never showed up. When Hannah and I were out with the two of them, Olga would go by herself to the bar and take two doubles shots then bring a drink back to the table... then cried outside of the Billa because of this girl who broke up with her. Girl was a trip. Still 1000 times more preferable to the weirdo we met at If Cafe.

      Awe yah.

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