Gary Clark Jr.

By Nicole Renee

I'm currently listening to: Gary Clark Jr. - This Land, When I'm Gone.

Gary Clark Jr.'s new album, This Land, was released last month. He has been crafting music for a decade, but if you are unfamiliar with this dynamic blues man then, I'd suggest clearing your night and starting with his previous album - The Story of Sonny Boy Slim.1

At only 35, his music has the sound of a 1950's blues musician and can take a place next to both Buddy Guy and B.B. King. Gary Clark Jr. has entered into the league of legends by having released a trio of consistent and masterfully crafted albums. No gimmicks, no auto-tune, but timeless blues and soul. It's clear that he understands how to construct beautiful songs by selecting the correct melody, timing, and lyrics. The signature sound of his guitar produces a deep color that will have you rewinding the song in order to rehear the solos.2 Its more than worth your time to listen to the entirety of This Land, but Dirty Dishes Blues and The Guitar Man stand out as my favorites. At a time when the quality of music is dying, all is not lost as long as Gary Clark Jr. has a guitar.


  1. More specifically listen to the tracks - Can't sleep and Our Love. []
  2. If you prefer acoustic guitar then give Church a listen. []

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