The travel guide

By Nicole Renee

My fetlife account receives a steady supply of strange messages, which do provide the useful purpose of some sweet sweet entertainment.

Fetlife is after all, filled with adult sized children who would rather play pretend at sex and negotiate terms.1

After moving to Costa Rica, a good majority of these messages became about asking me for travel recommendations. I never respond for any number of reasons2 but on a whim I decided to try writing back (lesson learned). I responded without knowing that this douche already wrote to our favorite famous fetlife troll and was lucky enough to receive a message back. Let's peep the conversation between him and I to find perhaps one of the funniest cases of someone not knowing who they are talking about.

Suggestions for San Jose or Jaco

CumAndAttraction 43M Kinkster
Hey there. I'll be in CR next Sunday thru Sat. Any suggestions on place to stay or things to do. Staying in San Jose but was thinking of spending a few days In Jaco.

Yes_pleaase 26F slave
You probably know that San Jose, is the 'city proper' but, I don't spend a lot of time there. Its pretty chaotic/dirty compared to cities in the states. However, if you do end up say in Jan Jose, I'd suggest going to the National Theater for coffee or just walking around. Costa Rica is made for walking... Jaco has a decent beach scene, as well. I'd really suggest taking a two day trip to Arenal/ La Fortuna - youll find tons of things to do lining, volcano, hiking, nightlife, coffee..etc.

CumAndAttraction 43M Kinkster
Awesome,thank you. I am looking to take it east and soak up some sum while at the beach. I've read a lot about escorts in Jaco but havent seen much about BdSM. Are there Fetlife groups or events ?

Yes_pleaase 26F slave
Ahahaa. Yeah, the escorts are something to see. I thought having them around would create more of a party scene but not really - its just kind of lame. No bdsm scene that I've seen, I havent tried very hard to find one though.

CumAndAttraction 43M Kinkster
Hoping to recreate this while there. It's an amazing pic.…
How about hotel suggestions?

Yes_pleaase 26F slave
Hahah, with escorts? Costa Rica is a great place to experiment and have fun, the people are all live and let live.

Sorry, I cant be much help with hotels. If youre staying at the beach, you may just want to get one around there!

CumAndAttraction 43M Kinkster3
Sure with escorts unless you are up to join in! Ha ha.
I stayed at a place called Taormina in San Jose last time. Went to the Del Ray (?) 1 night though to see the sights. Was fun but dint think I'd like a week of that. I'm going to book the Jaco hotels once I get down there. There is an adults only place called Copacabana I may check out. Seems there maybe others in the lifestyle there and may run into a Hotwife/cuck. Whateve comes about of the trip, I'm just playing by ear. I'm sure there will. e lots to do.
Any good drinking bars in SJ to recommend?

CumAndAttraction 43M Kinkster
Well thanks for the help. I enjoyed chatting. If you are up for drinks sometime, it's on me..
Ps..any good at gambling? The casinos I went to in SJ were pretty sketch.

CumAndAttraction 43M Kinkster
I will be in San Jose tonight. Is there any good places to meet people on a Friday after noon

CumAndAttraction 43M Kinkster
Thanks for the help. It was fun trip. I found a very laid back hotel on the beach in Jaco that was perfect. It's called the Beach Break resort in case you ever head that way. Its cost to the craziness there, but far enough away to be secluded.
I have to tell you (I already assume you will block me and I understand) I reached out to your Dom for a recommendation and his response was the rudest I have ever had here on Fet. He basically called me a name and tried to talk down to me, followed by immediately blocking me before I could respond. I only asked for a recommendation and not anything else. I didnt mention you.
To me that's a red flag for someone that is very insecure, not a good quality in a Dom. I've never seen a Dom behave that way that was credible..
Maybe I caught him on a bad day or something, but whatever
Thanks again. I did walk all over and did some of what you suggested. I found a great place for dinner too!

Ah, where to begin with how fucking inept this guy is. For one, the logs were sent to him to read by MP and instead of relishing in that opportunity, the dude spent his vacation butthurt and then decided it would be good idea to, I guess, snitch to me about it!? As if, I would somehow give a fuck and more importantly, not have the understanding that no, he will never be equal with Master - so don't pester him as if they are. I could barely even follow his attempt at writing a message. He also put a lot of effort into not taking a hint and thanking me when I didn't respond, but for fetdorks its always easier to pretend.

  1. Because - “This is way out of bounds. I said you could rape me. I did not say you could ruin my panty-hose.” ― Chuck Palahniuk from Choke []
  2. SirFrankie 56M Dom
    Hello slave,
    I am considering a move / retirement to Costa Rica in a few years. Was wondering if you are open to discussing your experiences there?

    whylie2you 47M Dom
    Hi Yes Pleaase,
    Saw your profile and thought you might be able to give me insight into how the kink scene is in San Jose. Any recommendation for a fellow American who is visiting there for a week?

    crowntown 44M Switch
    How are you? I’m visiting San Jose for vacation, hoping to make some new friends while I’m here and thought I’d say hello to you.

    ......And these are only the first three most recent messages asking me for travel recommendations. Its a lame attempt at a pick up, and hopefully obvious as to why I don't much respond -- somehow missing my chance to tour the neighborhood nursing homes doesn't seem catastrophic.

  3. For added laughs, check out his 'about me' from his profile:
    Huntersville, North Carolina, United States
    "if it makes you happy... it cant be that bad..."
    A quick note to add. I don't get on here very often so if I respond "Maybe" to an event or send you a unsolicited friend request, its my way of keeping track of events or people I find interesting. It doesn't mean anything more than what I read or saw interests me somehow. []

2 Responses to “The travel guide”

  1. Heck, now I gotta fish the dweeb out of that inbox.

    Alright, here we go :

    CumAndAttraction 43M Kinkster 6d
    Any recommendations on where to meet kink friendly women? I'm not interested in escorts.

    Go do your six months of log reading like everyone else. Besides that specific channel. I have absolutely nothing to say to uppity plebs.

    Pretty lulzy to imagine what the fuck goes on in their desolate brainbox, "i didn't mention you", what, cuz we never saw each other and you're totally gonna what, side with rando or something ?

    Kinda reminds me of that dork that was gonna pick Hannah up cuz "be careful". Actually thinking about it... kinda reminds me of the pigeon mating strategy.

    Lotta 40something yo ESLtard pigeons out there.

    PS. In positive news, pizarro mp-wp pingbacks show up on Trilema just fine.

    PPS. "It's a lame" and "Since its launch, GFY"

  2. BingoBoingo says:

    The obvious solution to his problem is to stay in hostels within his means. Costa Rica appears out of his budget. Either he does the Del Ray as his 6 day destination, strains himself "shoring" in Cusco, Peru, or tries to maintain an up to date Caracas travel guide.

    The first two options strain himself to justfiy enjoying his vacation while the last dooms him to seeing his inadequacy. If he goes further south in Peru he just might find the secret to clean floors for life.

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