In memoriam Giuseppe

By Nicole Renee

Before I moved to Costa Rica I had been talking about having a gecko as a pet. As unlikely as the thought was, I got as close as possible with the gecko Giuseppe. After spending hours walking the mean streets of Costa Rica, I'd come home to shower and find him near the drain. The little guy would jump on the hand buss and take a ride to my hat, wherein he would spend the rest of the night tucked inside. He got pretty famous with my friends back in the Midwest from his various camera appearances. It was pretty difficult to break the news of his passing and I appreciate all of the condolences, I know this is as just as hard for you as it is for me. We lost a good one but as it goes - one goes out, one comes in. Apparently a gecko's lifespan is only 12 weeks1 but Giuseppe's legacy will live on in infinitum2 as the friendly Italian gangster gecko that he was.




His final resting place.

  1. Update: apparently a gecko's lifespan is 3-4 years! []
  2. Especially now, because the mosquitoes are quickly spawning. []

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  1. hanbot says:

    RIP little doodle.

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