TMSR Log Summary - 11/18/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Ben_vulpes provided an update on the August audit and July's statement for Pizzaro

- Bingoboingo posted a great comment on

- Mircea_popescu thinks the summaries are hysterical and compared them to Charlie Chaplin's version of Carnegie

- Mircea_popescu posted his latest fetlife encounters with women who cant think

- Asciilifeform and mircea_popescu discuss the criteria of women worth training

- Bullcosby naively joined trilema looking for pictures and without protocol awareness

- Echelon joined trilema with a preexisting rating from gribbles

- Echelon does not impress the channel with his claims to create watermarking service for hbo and is to get lost

- Mod6 audited the Pizzaro statements for errors

- Wot and deedbot ensures pantsuit tactics aren't used

- The republic is calling for a mod6 vacation from stress

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