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http://ossasepia.com/2018/12/24/a-week-in-tmsr-10-16-december-2018/#fn5-4941 <--- Notable words for later.

Twas' the day before Christmas when all of the ticos were inside the house. Not a creature was driving, not even an uber eats louse...

So, the harem agreed on a trip to walk around the Escazu mall, as we finally got a break from the endless car and foot traffic. Can you believe that its been a struggle to find somewhere walkable in this country? The sidewalks are cracked to hell, the bridges out, and the smell of garbage is thick in the air. The traffic is so unbearable that you wont get a mile in thirty minutes. Its been so bad that we have resorted to almost only going out out during the night on weekdays. Most places in the area are also either banned or coming close to it. That being said, the Escazu mall is not yet banned and the shops were closed early for Christmas. It was a pleasant night because we were all of ten people out walking.

Out of the ten people, two were pretty girls wearing short holiday dresses and 7 inch stiletto heels. It's rare to see any girls dressed like this in Costa Rica. If the women are dressed in dresses, they are usually cheap and combined with mismatched shoes. We all know that the states lack a lot, but the illusion of money creates a type of girl that can bimbofy herself when necessary. The aforementioned girls had their faces in their phones - not talking to each other and were positioned on the cement stairs outside of a clothing store. Seeing them sprawled out on the steps and definitely texting about nothing, really made me miss the familiarity of a night out in Chicago.1 These types of nights don't exist anymore and my trance of fantasizing about real night life was broken when I heard the dreaded words of, "go tell those girls' they have nice heels."2 When I get an order with immediate action something in my brain turns off and I'm walking without any sort of plan. I deviate from Master and quickly walk over to the girls, I ask them if they speak English and they do! So, I tell them I like their heels and they look cute. They both exclaim "thank you" in the same high tone as me and they inform me that they are dressed for a party. The final exchange is an easy merry Christmas and goodbye. I felt pretty great when I returned to report on the transaction. I had thought this display counted for a completed order. This illusion was short lived when I was received with an unhappy tone and demand for explanation of why I had returned with nothing. I had no numbers, no invitation to whatever party they were going to, and worse, no attempt was made to try for anything other than the minimum of what was ordered of me. This displeasure was hard for me to accept, I did the thing that was ordered - why was I getting a lecture?! My pride ensured that I had ample excuses for why I thought what I did was correct, and a butthurt me spent the next hour complaining and explaining.

The first excuse that I tried was that, the girls wouldn't have any interest in me. Its true that I was self conscious in my short cheap dress and that I don't have much confidence to go on now as I did in the past. Had I been actually thinking and not coming up with excuses then, I would have applied one of the most prominent lessons from Master and wrongly assumed that they would have any idea about what they want. Its an easy first thought and often used by many on #trilema; however, any time with Mircea Popescu will reinforce that, in fact people don't know what they want unless you tell them and especially twenty something girls. Which brings me to excuse number two... I made the mistake of pleading that this isint the correct way to met people. This defense is constantly on display from idiots on fetlife who missed their chance by imagining that they are entitled to anything3, while also having some neatly place boundaries. Being compared to the masses on fetlife hurts the most. I've always hated that website and the people on it. Even with the scant days here, I thought I had out run the association with fetlife. Agreed, that I'm not smart enough to keep up on #trilema, but its a sad truth to be in the same basket as fetlife weirdos. Hearing that I had given a standard fetlife response was a harsh reminder that in fact, creating some made up illusions has never produced anything for anyone. For my third and final accusation, I proclaimed that I was only sent to speak to them for potential possible fucks. At the very least this is an illogical argument to invalidate the order that was given4. At the very most it's ignorant for me to imply that their is something wrong with wanting things. This is especially true when Master wants something, regardless of whatever it may be. I attacked Master with nonsense, and this while knowing I wouldn't get an inch but still trying. Needless to say, I was immediately crushed for spewing meaningless words and for attempting to argue with him. He was characteristically right about my excuses and the length it would take for my slow brain to realize the details of why I was incorrect5. Luckily for me and for you, lessons always come full circle. Did you take note of the footnote from earlier? You should and I wont forget - the only people worth associating with are the ones who can understand that very art. Being authentic now includes vetting through people who wont understand that they don't actually have a choice when in front of something great.

It's also worth mentioning that Santa would be jealous of how festive and fun a harem Christmas is run. Christmas Eve started with a relaxing trip to the pond to see everyones favorite duck, Chimichurri6. Master kept a close eye on the home made eggnog, while Hannah and I hung the lights so bright and derpy. My lifelong desire of being tied up was finally achieved7, which also included me struggling to free myself while being beat with two objects at once (spoiler: pleading with someone while tied up does not do much of anything). An assortment of food was made and enjoyed, but most importantly - fudge from the country with best chocolate in the world. To my surprise, even slaves get to decorate Christmas cookies (although what are elves, ya know?) and to finish it off we took a three hour hike on Christmas day. I've never been so happy to not have a holiday canceled.

1. Their is something ritualistic about pre-gaming with your friends while doing hair and make up in order to stay out until sunrise. These nights usually ended with someone throwing up and us passed out for a few hours to recover for boozy brunch. Historically, girls turn on this certain charm when they want to be friends with one another. You simply smile a lot, make sure your voice goes higher, and tell the other girl how pretty she is in some kinda way. It seems superficial but for party girls, nothing works better. If the new friendship works out, then you will have a new escort to the restroom, a party location hook up, and another person to get you on the list.
2. I'm often ordered to talk to attractive girls, without question or reason.
3. Yes, things have indeed changed.
4. mircea_popescu: anyway, re invalidate : if A says X, and you say "A only says X because z reason to do with A" you are saying "A's saying X is no grounds for X to be considered"
mircea_popescu: this is attacking A.

5. Let the record show that, it took 2 days for me to realize how wrong I was.
6. Its true that Chimichurri is indeed cooler than most people.
7.If you can laugh at it, you can live with it.

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