What a Good Citizen Means to Me.

By Nicole Renee

During my packing for relocating to Costa Rica, I found this gem - a winning essay contest submission that I wrote in fifth grade.

What a Good Citizen Means to Me.

My idea of a good citizen is not someone who is perfect or is everyone’s role-model, but my idea of a good citizen is someone who gives back to the community. They don’t have to donate thousands of dollars to charity or large amounts of money. Students can be good citizens too. You could try to help other students in class who are struggling. In the neighborhood students or anyone can help the elderly by shoveling, raking, mowing their grass, watering their flowers, or even just visiting and talking to them. That’s giving a lot back to the community even though it doesn't seem like it is. Throwing trash in the garbage is a big help to the whole world. Being a good citizen can be anyone. The little things count a lot. Everyone can be a good citizen young or old.

Can you believe this piece (of shit) won for the whole county? Indiana, though you know… 103 words for a 100 word contest. I murdered the 11 year old competition. Apparently, I had a fixation on yard work. Please, Costa Rica, use the trash bins; I’ve always felt strongly about that.


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  1. BingoBoingo says:

    Yard work is nobel work. Few things feel better underfoot then Kentucky bluegrass and few thing feel as good underfoot in a wide variety of climates as TexasxKentucky Bluegrass hybrids (The cross SPF 30 over Scotts' "Thermal Blue" by a large margin). Even the tall fescues with their bite can have a place.

    Uruguay for the most part does indeed use trash bins Tuesday through Friday. However eventually the bins run over and the Pichis litter all over digging for lead.

    Way back in 2000 to my great shame I voted McCain in the Middle School concordance to the Primary election. At the time the local papers gloated over a girl kid named Conner who got selected to middle school intern for the Gore Campaign. I thought little of this until this Conner was a classmate in College some, but not too many years later.

    At the time I wondered what luck had landed on this person of the other gender with a phonetically identical first name, they came of age with a recognizable resume line.

    The years go on, For quite some time our social circles overlap. Her mother recognized me at her graduation party where I consumed a liter and a half of whiskey. She wasn't invited to my family only gathering. My maternal grandmother and my father passed withing two weeks the preceding fall. No reason to make my family suffer that kind of presence ( and through the shared social circle her presence had been identified as suffering).

    2008-2012 She is in law school and I am in "Grad school", whereby I dip my toes into philosophy at the school which once has the Center For Dewey Studies before seeing library school places people in jobs and following that lottery ticket. She goes to Saint Louis University for "Law School" having failed to gain admittance to Saint Louis's more prestigious "Washington University", in this period I can parry my selection of school with an interest in William James and she has nothing.

    I go to Mizzou for a different field, she graduates, I graduate later. Her snipes are still readily neutered by my LSAT score well above hers.

    May 2013 I allegedly inform the mayor of her hometown that there is a corrupt mother fucker from her alma mater he ought to attend tio. At this time she has a public defender gig readily informing me that her office is ready to make a case while I retain low effort low cost counsel to play chicken.

    Is there a moral to where this story is going? Probably not, but it continues anyways because that is the direction history flows.

    At the O'Fallon VFW where millennials such as myself drank plentifully without being veterans of anything, I saw no reason not to talk shit over continuing encounters.

    At some point the acquaintance of mine she dated ran from her while she went from the public defender's office to the prosecutors office. Having a boss who signed the papers continuing my prosecution, I swore an end to his political ambitions on the strength of being a Trilema reader. A certain trans-border dreadnaught we all know and love was mentioned by name as a party that could, maybe, intervene in my favor if asked.

    Fall 2015 I sober up for the first time in a decade. My misdemeanor gets dismissed in exchange for alcohol education classes. A certain someone with a phonetically identical first name wants parades because I have decided to let go and let god.

    2018, I have made it to Uruguay, Meanwhile the once Irish jew hitched her horse to her boss while he lost his bid for the IL-12 district's seat in the House of Representatives in a vote that rebuked her boss, her hometown, and her county's self assumed importance in Southern Illinois. I was otherwise busy, but saw no reason to suggest intervention. A great again beat a pantsuit. This individual contest didn't make Qntra though, because the expected isn't newsworthy. Why should Belleville be warned they were replaced as the center of this universe by Murphysboro. Mount Vernon and Herrin cheer this shift while East Saint Louis rages and Cairo cooks more crack.

    All I know about contests is that they are rigged mother fuckers with little predictive value. The best case winner of such a thing I have met recieved nothing from the winning but a target on her not particularly good looking back.

  2. By the way, you gotta get all those shit links off your "blogroll". Wtf "Development Blog", they're fucking morons.

  3. Diana Coman says:

    Fwiw this could work equally well as a description of a good commie junior sort of thing. The only thing that's missing is the 5 years plan and the self-critique but admitedly that'd be too much to ask from a fith grader. Basically if you'd have hit on that too I bet you'd have won any contest of the sort - the... International let's say.

  4. nicoleci says:

    @bingoboingo What a story - is it on http://bingology.net/? Agreed re contents, if anything all they show is who can be a part of the herd and anyone who thinks the midwest is something shouldn't be allowed to leave. Also, nice on being the first comment with words I had to look up.

    Is there a moral to where this story is going? Probably not, but it continues anyways because that is the direction history flows.

  5. nicoleci says:

    @ mircea popescu yes indeed, thanks. i have a lot of work to do on the aesthetics of the blog.

  6. nicoleci says:

    @ diana coman haha, true! all i was missing was those cute matching outfits. The US has a great way of brainwashing young.

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