TMSR Log Summary - 11/16/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Copying the msql db mid-write will cause the uncompleted bit to be lost

- Discussion on fs

- Mocky remembered the familiars of home

- Qatar missed their chance to gain the help of mocky and the republic

- Discussion on gender segregation in Egypt and Qatar

- Qataries who try to disapprove have less impact when you cant see their faces

- Mocky lost a coin due to us banking system

- The US lacks an actual cash bitcoin market

- Discussion on Qntra article and the word secret having no merit in us investigations

- Mircea_popescu explains how a bong works

- Thinkpads work well for watching/broadcasting/storing films

- Ave1 provided an update that the udp code runs on aarch64

- Uruguay does not have a 'public library'

- US bums vacation in Miami

- Discussion on mmap for frame buffer

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