TMSR Log Summary - 11/11/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Discussion on asciilifeform's next project after ffa/p and possible move to shenzen

- Mod6 explained his timetable

- It takes the experienced reader on average an hour to keep current with the logs

- Mod6 does not have enough time to fully invest in any one project

- test machine has disks available

- Mod6 works diligently and needs rest

- Bingoboingo planned a great vacation for mod6

- Computers eliminate the need for understanding manual accounting

- Double entry accounting consists of entries being accounted for in both credit and debit

- Lobbes suggested that mod6 move to mp-wp as time saving tactic

- Mircea_popescu requested that mod6 examine his priorities and make a choice on his commitments

- Pizzaro's accounting statements should be made 'public'

- The republic separates itself by having business transparency

- Bingoboingo will take on treasurer responsibilities for pizzaro

- Loyal hands of the republic cannot be replaced by automation

- Computer automation eliminates error but also eliminates fundamental understanding of how and why

- Almost everyone will experience log nightmares

- Mod6 is taking much needed time off from his many roles

- Bingoboingo provided the pizzaro coded customer histories and btc/usd price point

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