TMSR Log Summary - 11/05/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Discussion on bingoboingo's memory issues

- The US does not produce good coffee

- Mircea_popescu is interested in a chip foundry that the republic manages in Qatar

- Mocky survives the MP hot seat

- Diana_coman is moving keys to a config file

- Asciilifeform dosent tolerate raccoons

- The US pretends its cities are actual places

- Bitcoin miner spam sites are still being created

- Mocky is searching for the Qatar's assistant undersecretary of information technology

- Discussion on Qntra article - India Rolls Out Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, "we are not all the same one"

- Diana_coman provided an update with 80 cols/vptach

- Mocky had success at a blockchain event

- Discussion on Bvt's issue with ada.Sequential_IO conflicts with restriction in test applications

- Llamas may have the protein cure for a flu vaccine

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