TMSR Log Summary - 10/30/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Justification and structure are needed in a post

- Blogs should be practically implemented

- Discussion on Bansky and what is pop culture

- People will finance anything

- Uruguay markets have no concept of supply chain

- Mod6 has continued interest in expanding the number of Foundation chairs

- Titanium definition for dabbing is a tool that can be heated

- Bingoboingo is fully benefiting from the republic

- Pizarro has a plan for profitability

- Auctionbot details are being worked out

- Banksy haunts bingoboingo

- Discussion on re-rewritten transformations without A

- Lobbes provided an explanation on how to bid with auctionbot

- Fetlife consists of only a few types of profiles

- Discussion on mircea_popescu's block chipher

- Rsa packet may be used in place of serpent

- Mismanaged zoo still has animals inside of it

- Asciilifeform posted the serpent ciphers key schedule on

- Mod6's node is running again

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