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TMSR Log Summary - 11/16/2018

Friday, November 30th, 2018

- Copying the msql db mid-write will cause the uncompleted bit to be lost

- Discussion on fs

- Mocky remembered the familiars of home

- Qatar missed their chance to gain the help of mocky and the republic

- Discussion on gender segregation in Egypt and Qatar

- Qataries who try to disapprove have less impact when you cant see their faces

- Mocky lost a coin due to us banking system

- The US lacks an actual cash bitcoin market

- Discussion on Qntra article and the word secret having no merit in us investigations

- Mircea_popescu explains how a bong works

- Thinkpads work well for watching/broadcasting/storing films

- Ave1 provided an update that the udp code runs on aarch64

- Uruguay does not have a 'public library'

- US bums vacation in Miami

- Discussion on mmap for frame buffer

TMSR Log Summary - 11/15/2018

Friday, November 30th, 2018

- Bingoboingo's blog has returned

- Asciilifeform reminded everyone to make backups

- Wordpress relies on mysql

- Bingoboingo reduced his RAM usage and moved to apache

- Discussion on how commuting and office work has created an exhausted mod6

- Mod6 is sacrificing his current freedom (for the saltmines) for responsible retirement

- Trinque adjusted deedbot invoicing to not be cap sensitive

- Discussion on pdf and it not being a digital format

- Backups are best done by disk

- If you know what youre looking for, you may find it (hardware) in the dumpster

- Mysql db is able to be backed up by only copying two files

TMSR Log Summary - 11/14/2018

Thursday, November 29th, 2018

- Mod6 provided the link to an updated version of vtron

- The investigation regarding if toasters with cancel buttons actually cancel anything is ongoing

- Diana_coman explained her process with patches for using keccak and vtools

- Discussion on diana_coman's post on eucrypt

- Bingoboingo should only go to the mall if hes feeling lucky

TMSR Log Summary - 11/13/2018

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

- Discussion on arm 64bit

- Phf posted a patch

- Costa Rican women choose to hang out with their mothers

- Presently and in the past, anyone with intellectual capabilities does not want to stay in southern us

- Cincinnatus's story is accredited as factual

- Cities are expensive without providing the same historical value

- Everything man made requires maintenance

- The midwest dosen't have a bitcoin market

- The demise of countries is due to people not growing up

- Diana_coman posted v with vtools, keccak hashes and its own tree

TMSR Log Summary - 11/12/2018

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

- Trinque suggested bingoboingo adds the remote hands text from his blog to pizzaro's website

- Ben_vulpes and bingoboingo work through October's statement

- Discussion on gcc 4.9

- Bvt's blog gets added to deedbot's RSS feed

- Mircea_popescu suggested that mod6 should find some ways to relax

- The known fix for losing part of wp comments is to not use single angle brackets in text

- Militarism means keeping things straight

- Discussion on manifest in keccak

- Bvt is working on a linux syscall ada tree for aarch64 and intel arches

- Discussion on gnupg

TMSR Log Summary - 11/11/2018

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

- Discussion on asciilifeform's next project after ffa/p and possible move to shenzen

- Mod6 explained his timetable

- It takes the experienced reader on average an hour to keep current with the logs

- Mod6 does not have enough time to fully invest in any one project

- test machine has disks available

- Mod6 works diligently and needs rest

- Bingoboingo planned a great vacation for mod6

- Computers eliminate the need for understanding manual accounting

- Double entry accounting consists of entries being accounted for in both credit and debit

- Lobbes suggested that mod6 move to mp-wp as time saving tactic

- Mircea_popescu requested that mod6 examine his priorities and make a choice on his commitments

- Pizzaro's accounting statements should be made 'public'

- The republic separates itself by having business transparency

- Bingoboingo will take on treasurer responsibilities for pizzaro

- Loyal hands of the republic cannot be replaced by automation

- Computer automation eliminates error but also eliminates fundamental understanding of how and why

- Almost everyone will experience log nightmares

- Mod6 is taking much needed time off from his many roles

- Bingoboingo provided the pizzaro coded customer histories and btc/usd price point

TMSR Log Summary - 11/10/2018

Monday, November 26th, 2018

- Hanbot provided an update that, an mp-wp mass uploader is slowly progressing

- Mp-wp standardizes unnecessary work

- Discussion on wp display settings

- Discussion on diana_coman's blog post, read/write serpent keysets to/from serpent messages

- Mp-wp can can define hooks for replacement

- Ada set at nmax is a possible solution for eulora communication protocol

- Intelligent discussions set the standard for stdlib

- Pizarro's statement for October shows unaccounted for btc

- The foundation board provides final oversight

- Mod6 has been taking on more work than is manageable

- Asciilifeform provided a time line for FFA

TMSR Log Summary - 11/09/2018

Monday, November 26th, 2018

- Auctionbot's !Xcancel works by inputting the auction number into the table without announcing a winner

- Mocky returned to the us

- Not all Romanians know each other

- Romanian families often repeat names for the firstborn

- Dumb people rely on smart phones

- The Uruguayans fail to deliver by bingoboingo's birthday

TMSR Log Summary - 11/08/2018

Sunday, November 25th, 2018

- Trump continues to win elections and with unchecked constraint

- Trump is divorcing himself from GOP

- US government only collects money (without action) for socialist policies

- Bingoboingo made the point that, "CNN is buffalo guy Captain Planet's weird fetish project"

- Emergency stop buttons only make sense for labor safety

- Auctionbot does not have a cancel to close early

- Discussion on diana_coman serializing the record into an array of octets

- The same price amount is used per btc

- Bvt genesised the ada base64 lib

- No one responded to the emails sent regarding the foundation

TMSR Log Summary - 11/07/2018

Sunday, November 25th, 2018

- Discussion on clickable links

- Trump winning both houses is becoming more of a blue us reality

- Ice40 contains onboard otp rom for a whole config

- Bingoboingo posted an article on Qntra about how the Dutch are now advertising arrests

- Bordeaux creates pleasant hangover effects

- Mircea_popescu created the ultimate fetlife intelligence test

- Relying on phones cripples intelligence