TMSR Log Summary - 9/29/2018

- Mod6 finished trb

- Trump won a labor lawsuit in Uruguay

- Asciilifeform ran the experimental patch bringup in trb node zoolag

- Mircea_popescu would like “trb properly ground”

- Mod6 would like a vtron that supports keccak before trb is running and would like users to get a vtron and build in trb

- Manifest was published last week

- Asciilifeform posted that, “all of zoolag's valid new blox came from one”

- Discussion on trinque receiving cloudfront error

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “keccak isn't some fucking optional package”

- Mircea_popescu would not like to see sha patches

- Phf can post a patched that works with vtools on Sunday

- Discussion on workload priorities/ dismantling the foundation

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