TMSR Log Summary - 9/28/2018

By Nicole Renee

- The one second delay between diana_coman’s packets was planned

- Mircea_popescu stated that, “the obnoxious part about the ignorant approach is that it purports to "identify as problems" the specific parts that are both well designed and functioning as designed, ie specifically the hash transition”

- Asciilifeform will be rewording to run on phf's components

- Mircea_popescu will never say, "here -- use THIS .emacs"

- Craftsmen should be responsible for their own tool set

- Asciilifeform produced only 0 packet losses, but 0 reorders and mircea_popescu wants it to run for a few weeks

- Phf created a new/very good vdiff

- Discussion on asciilifeform testing with 10ms

- Discussion on the need for >1k/s per user

- Mircea_popescu will not say, "do not use"

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, ““we don't do shit for any other reason than because "alternatives were reviewed, this came out"”

- Discussion on Eulora players being within sight to get position update

- Diana_coman’s testing plan is to, collect at least 1 week worth of data and then to repeat the experiment with smaller delays and several senders perhaps

- Tarot reader in Uruguay is forecasting that the year will bring good pork and snakes

- Discussion on fragments

- News about Japanese robot seals have spread to Uruguay

- "pigeon manually transported"

- Qatar has a 'free zone' for foreign R&D and tech startups; permits a new company to have 100% foreign owners, 0% tax on profits, duty free import/export

- Uruguay has a ‘free zone’ with harsh stipulations

- Discussion on UDP for DDOS

- Discussion on RSA

- Discussion on the current use of email

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