TMSR Log Summary - 9/27/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Asciilifeform separated the sha patches

- Discussion on asciilifeform moving item to keccak

- Esthlos plans to integrate keccak this weekend

- Diana_coman process is to first checks sig and then feeds patch to vtools

- Discussion on keccak vtools/ v replacement

-Discussion on use of

- Trinque is using v-esthos in cuntoo beta

- Phf made the point that, “vtools has not been designed or intended to compete with any particular v implementation. it's a set of tools that you can use in a v workflow”

- Discussion on esthlos's approach to reimplement his own keccak

- Bingoboingo provided an update that, he will be sending a message to DHL regarding him being an accredited importer of packaged goods for commercial use

- Discussion on diana_coman’s post - Ossasepia - Tester for UDP Communications

- The argentine peso dropped 0.85/1.45 to 0.55/1.25 in one month

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