TMSR Log Summary - 10/23/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Today is the Bitcoin Foundation's 4th anniversary

- Mod6 is creating a Bitcoin Foundation FAQ/ Q&A and a keccak trb tre

- Bvt's blog is live

- Discussion on a consistent name of octet or byte

- Diana_coman made the point that, when C strikes, go to the beach

- Discussion on redesign of FG

- Asciilifeform posts his perfect computer for crypto

- Bingoboingo posted a new article on titled: Manufactured TrannyCoCist Outrage Over SQLite's Longstanding Benedictine Code Of Conduct As CoC Incompatibilities Set Up To Replace License Incompatibilities As Top Open Source Drama Fountain

- does not contain a public node and was spamming randomly generated blox

- Lukejr does not understand full nodes

- Asciilifeform explains the benefits of exchanging two cards

- Jurov provided an update that, therealbitcoin btc-dev mailing list is now working on the Foundation's server

- Bvt posted an updated post on the vpatch temporary file creation

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