TMSR Log Summary - 10/22/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Mocky is looking for men of valor in Qatar to host business

- Asciilifeform writing was acknowledged

- Discussion on diana_coman's suggestion that there should only be one direction of calls, from ada to c

- Annoyoum person should be able to distinguish themselves from others

- Mocky is chasing leads to understand if a Qatari is needed to form a company

- People wear rolex's for a perceived status symbol

- Qatari business men hang out in a certain area to find men they may like to do business with

- Mocky is running into issues with getting a working a/c unit - Nigerian host is working to resolve the issue

- Central air has a higher roi than putting in a window unit

- Billymg posted a noob's guide to setting up mp-wp on pizarro rock chip server

- Brazil voter registration process takes at least six months

- Lobbes created a guide on how to configure apache for blog spam

- Lobbes is planning to create a bot that will use republican auctions to create a btc/fiat price

- Mocky's gets A/C

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