TMSR Log Summary - 10/19/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Amberglint joined the channel and provided an update for NS Xlib error - server X should be switched to 8bpp

- Amberglint posted the crack for Macsyma

- There is no excuse for a coward

- Asciilifeform made the point that, amberglint is the first digger to share information

- The english language needs better modals

- Most of Washington does not have good infrastructure

- Mocky provided an update that, Qataris live in commercial buildings and villas made from cinder blocks and surrounded by concrete fencing

- Qatar has a strong class system

- Bingoboingo provided an update on the "Tranny reparations bill", which provides that transsexuals born before 1975 and who received persecution will receive 11 pesos every month

- Costa Rica needs to regulate who is allowed to drive

- The only public transportation the US has is in major cities

- Bingoboingo is passionate about global greatness

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