TMSR Log Summary - 10/15/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Discussion on sbcl

- Dumbledore would have stopped trump...

- Bvt's patch has binary files

- Phf has updated eucrypt to keccak and added ave1's patch

- Discussion on mircea_popescu's point that, "there's exactly nothing similar between rsa packet and serpent packet"

- The two possible ways to implement crc32 are lookup tables and division

- Discussion on asciilifeform rewriting with an empty buffer

- Tree A is single

- Ave1 updated patch for diana_coman to sign

- Mircea_popescu would like lobbes to add a param to !Q

- Slycordinator joins #trilema - looking for asciilifeform

- Slycordinator is an American living in Korea teaching English/ave1 provided a rating

- Asciilifeform/slycordinator discuss rk3328

- Billymg will provide trinque an update by by friday or early saturday

- Foxybot is working in Eulora

- Portability since the republic is "stable, sustainable, and sane"

- Marijuana is more potent than ever/bingoboingo strain is coming soon

- Bvt is working on acquiring Pizarro shared hosting services

- Bvt provided an update that, "vpatch.adb does not require Interfaces.C/Int.C.Strings for anything"

- Linux file model is broken

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