TMSR Log Summary - 10/10/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Log bots are incorrectly working

- A lag in servers is causing a delay for messages

- Coffee shops open past 7 in Qatar

- Diana_coman posted a blog piece, Ossasepia - EuCrypt Chapter 14: CRC32 Implementation with Lookup Table

- Billymg joins the channel as a long time reader with an interest in possibly helping with projects

- Billymg explains his background as a ux designer

- Discussion on why hiding personal identity is not necessary

- Possibility of billymg helping with Eulora's interface

- Hanbot's auction closed/ price point may be used for invoicing

- Mircea_popescu explains the different options of how to assist the republic

- Never lose your pgp key

- Discussion on invasive species/animals

- Discussion on purpose of having keccak

- Bvt joins the channel (known from diana_coman's comment section) and reported bug report from vpatch

- Discussion on bvt's explanation of the bug

- Mircea_popescu comes up with a story idea about an intergalactic archaeologist in the future

- Bingoboingo handles business for the republic

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