TMSR Log Summary - 10/08/2018

- Discussion on computer display settings

- "Right wing" Brazilian politician wins presidential election

- The 800 number is still being confirmed and free credit is given

- Live code needs to be categorized as such

- Discussion on mircea_popescu's point, "that's the only distinction reality permits : between code that is run, and code that is not run. whether the task of stuffing it in head "is feasible" according to the head in question or any other heads is entirely irrelevant"

- Pantsuit religion is the religion of "love"

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, "the fundamental difference between zek and republican : some people are satisfied before satisfaction is on the table ; some only after"

- Diana_coman and mocky meet irl in London

- Mocky's flight had major delays due to needing repairs

- Bingoboingo posted a new article, Qntra - USG And Victims Deny Allegations Of Chinese Ownership Of Their Implanted Servers

- Diana_coman is invited to give a lecture on bitcoin and blockchain at local university/discussion on best content

- Bingoboingo made the point that, "presenting conservative sanity as thoughtful "minimalism" has tremendous social engineering value by brainfucking the pantsuit"

- The new "voicing behavior" is needed

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