TMSR Log Summary - 10/06/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Phf assists Mocky with proxy connections for Qatar

- Mircea_popescu discovered that wireless cards on laptops work with os wireless drivers from only a 3-6 month period from when they were released

- Diana_coman will be working on the regrind of eucrypt for keccak

- Discussion on how, things work until they don't

- Linux kernels stop working for unknown reasons

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, "no human invention was actually useful. just relatively useful"

- Discussion on piaget and wikipedia's inaccurate interpretations

- Diana_coman provided an update on the keccak .vpatches for EuCrypt

- Phf wants to move vtools to keccak and requested forum suggestions

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, "you teach people by permitting them to get themselves caught"

- Asciilifeform does not approve of's grammar

- The new v should represent the deletion of files

- Discussion on best approach for phf to pursue regarding deletions and renames, creations, and diffing

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