TMSR Log Summary - 10/02/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Discussion on beatings and beating implements

- Mircea_popescu does not approve of the colors on irc

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “the world essentially consists of the ~assumptions~ of existence and function of a large crowd of morons who never test these”

- lithium batteries are a problem

- Discussion asciilifeform/bingoboingo installing new drives

- Mod6 reported that, TRB machine will be shutdown and brought to texas - should come back online around November 15th

- Diana_coman suggests leaving the old disk plugged in to see when it dies

- Eulora’s communication protocol specifies different lengths of messages

- Discussion on Eulora traffic/16kb packets

- 2 sizes of udp packets are necessary

- People need to talk of the same things in order to talk productively

- Discussion on server not talking to new people/ new account packets

- Asciilifeform made the point that, everything works great with quiet volume

- Discussion on proper calculation for mircea_popescu rewriting the rewrite re-write of comms protocol with this new paradigm

- Nicoleci learned what an RSA key is

- Discussion on 4byte output from keccak

- Various drivers are lifted from freebsd

- Bingoboingo returns to data center

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