Costa Rica, the ultimate tease.

By Nicole Renee

Costa Rica is a beautiful place with the one major flaw that is an umbrella for all others.. the country is the best kind of a tease.

To start with the most obvious...

The vegetation and scenery are beautiful but encompassed with horrendous spiders.

The winding roads of the unique countryside is breathtaking, but almost no one has the slightest idea of how to drive.

Continuing on…

The clubs here have the settings to be great; however, no one can dance and they're usually empty (also a cover for one guy who bring girls, unheard of).

Girls love to grope each other but not at all kiss.

Getting more serious…

The people of Costa Rica, ticos, are kind but are too relaxed to think about much or provide ‘service’.

The beaches are breathtaking but you cannot always swim.

The country is a ‘tropical paradise’ with seasons close to late Chicago fall.

And finally.. You will find some amount of garbage in the natural waterfalls.

However, not all is lost - the air smells wonderful, coffee is unmatched, crime is low, and the adventures are unlimited... that is if you can get past the taunting initial impression to accept what you can get from her.

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