TMSR Log Summary - 9/25/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Verisimilitude is voiced

- Verisimilitude has been working on Meta-Machine Code (MMC) and came to the channel for advice

- Asciilifeform will work on getting rk drivers on 2.6 kernel

- Asciilifeform strongly suggests that verisimilitude registers with deedbot and reads the logs

- Discussion on verisimilitude generating a key

- Diana_coman provided an update that, all 100 packets of a batch (sent in burst mode, no delays) made it through the pilot test with pseudo-randomly chosen sizes between 6 and 2048

- Discussion on diana_coman’s next test

- Discussion on how to produce a test where there is only 1 size, across various sizes

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “what people want is what people want, and then "what is available" tries to fuck with this”

- Phf’s binutils build is attempting to use bootstrapped gcc

- Diana_coman’s test should be a study of the route under best conditions and the tests will now consist of, “no counter sent in header for packets; packets will have sizes between 6 (header length so minimum) and 2048; sender will have a 1 second delay between each new package sent”

- Ave1 suggests that phf debugs by, compiling a basic C hello world with the AdaCore gcc

- Discussion on “poetry circles”

- Discussion on bingoboingo getting package through customs

- Discussion on how/if to pursue litigation in response to Uruguay customs

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