TMSR Log Summary - 9/22/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Phf is getting an error when trying to build ada-musl-cross-2018-06-01, as it is trying to build on glibc x86_64 debian 8.10

- Ave1 suggested that phf should check the environment variables and that the second stage compilation of the gcc compiler is picking up the include files of the system (GNU clib specific and therefor incompatible)

- Mod6 is fixing an error in the manifest.txt file

- Discussion on the state of Connecticut's public payroll information

- Asciilifeform received an error similar to phf’s

- Discussion on how to resolve the error/ asciilifeform suggested that, phf should send a packet to 'adult' box, and it will echo the nat's external ephemeral port, and other users udp ~to~ that

- Discussion on the IP_To_String for diana_coman returning with null chars (in Ada: Character'Val(0)) at the end for IPs that are shorter than 16 characters

- Mircea_popescu pointed out that the error that phf and asciilifeform received may be because the imperial code academy view of config files is "optional suggestion". config as it currently works will essentially sudo cat /dev/sda1 | grep -A1 "HurrDurrFlag" and whatever comes out of that is the value of hurr

- Discussion on Mircea_popescu’s statement that, “sports people often have the sense to get themselves performance agreements. everyone else -- what performance” and the profit associated with sports

- Trinque made the point that, “it has long entertained me that one can be paid for being in porn, but cannot be paid for fucking off-camera”

- Maduro may "internationalize" domestic fuel prices in Venezuela, which would raise the price of gasoline to slow traffic on the roads

- Mircea_popescu cannot understand, “what sort of building made by civilised man since the time of silken breeches could possibly be harmed by fire”

- Mod6 reversed the order of the manifest.txt file

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