TMSR Log Summary - 9/17/2018

By Nicole Renee

- 0.04570496 BTC is the price point for september

- Various invoices are distributed

- Ave1 is creating a thin networking layer for Ada/ small library with support for UDP, TCP and UNIX sockets with direct calls to 64bit x86 and 64bit arm plus C

- Diana_coman made the point that, it is helpful to blog work that is being done

- Discussion on the importance of categorizing blogs with proper hierarchies

- Discussion on ave1’s root package - Suckit

- Lobbes added a categories widget to

- Mircea_popescu rated torvalds -10

- Micrea_popescu made the point that, not blogging “is like not using fridges, or CAT scanners. you miss out. your own life is shittier than it need had been, on your deathbed you'll look at less of a life than it might've been”

- Asciilifeform does not think that ave1 duplicated work and that his item is foundation for a fyootoor raw-irons gnat

- Mircea_popescu stated that, understanding emotion is not the ilk of the pantsuit

- Discussion on torvald

- Mircea_popescu explained what resistance heuristic with the example that there are two types of girls in the dungeon

- More than half of the categories on Trilema did not get any articles in over a year

- There are now htm15 socks

- Discussion on memory handling operations

- Ada standard provides tools to bake a custom heap that uses specified storage and allocation algos

- Discussion on how it is one thing to miss out on bitcoin and another to miss out on engineering

- The August Pizarro report has been posted

- Ave1’s suckit is successful after udp tests from diana_coman

- Continued discussion on torvald

- #pizarro is invite only - due to potential spam

- Hosted Shell plus is a package offered for blogs

- Pizzaro needs to purchase fiat at a minimum of $500

- #pizzaro will apply a register to join voice model

- Discussion on adding bot service to #pizzaro

- Discussion on revising the voice model to be voice or kick

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