TMSR Log Summary - 9/14/2018

By Nicole Renee

- Bingoboingo posted a picture of the fans that are over Rockchips

- Trinque built a nano from ebuild in /cuntoo/portage (weighs 26M) and will create a vpatch for the cuntoo repo

- Trinque posted the current output of emerge -v @world

- Mircea_popescu stated that the problem with socialists is that they will always find something "that doesn't exist"

- Discussion on diana_coman’s blog post - SMG.Comms Implementation - Chapter 1

- Phf is having a hard time recreating the max-heathen environment that will reproduce the google stack as is

- Restrictive flags can be used on the subset of the code that doesn't use tasking

- Asciilifeform’s order should arrive by end of next week

- Discussion on the need for diana_coman to use streams

- Discussion on standardizing a byte order

- A bigendian box is needed for testing

- Discussion on Asciilifeform’s idea for reordering by which the sender will not send a new packet unless the old one replies

- Discussion regarding Mocky’s learning of Arabic

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