TMSR Log Summary - 9/06/2018

By Nicole Renee

- asciilifeform wants a vmerge tree like emerge; with it having its own package set with vtrees, presses, installs systemwide, and removing the prior emerge
- trinque stated those steps should eventually happen but the first release should be a vtronic ebuild tree and is planning on working towards that during the weekend or sooner
- U-Boot's warning has been moved to an error
- the mailing list is running
- BingoBoingo is now Pizarro Manager and mod6 is helping to ensure that the transition goes well
- the set price point for a month of work at Pizarro is $6745 USD/BTC
- BingoBoingo will send out invoices within 24 hours for September - but if you need a price quote before that then mod6 can assist
- mod6 is missing three pieces of information and someone to review a draft of the Pizarro report
- Pizarro has fully paid out the "Wildcat Bonus" to BingoBoingo and the remaining $2500 will be visible on Pizarro statements under the fiat liabilities table and in the August statement - the payment line will come off the fiat liabilities table in early October
- the drive shipment may be done this week
- the agreement with ben_vulpes is 100`000 SSW at a per share price of 0.00001 BTC each
- mod6 has flexibility with allocating warrants

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