TMSR log summary - 09/01/2018

By Nicole Renee

- reverse auction is not showing
- *discussion on using bot for auction vs trilema and wire transfers*
- mod6 posted 'The state of Bitcoin address'
- *discussion on making the mailing list into mpwp format and using two publishing systems*
- *discussion on trilema being in png, jpg, or gohome*
- jurov will proceed working on the reverse cache problem/ mailing list is currently at
- Mocky and mircea_popescu are partnering in a computer consultining business. Mocky is going to Qatar to start consulting; first by scouting the place and then registering the company
- minigame was going to update infinite-items & infinite-lands and need new client protocol
- Kristof joined the chat after being a consistent reader
- mircea_popescu now has a cured c101pa

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