TMSR log summary - 08/31/2018

By Nicole Renee

- continued *discussion on livable locations in europe/us*
- *discusson on child services in US*
- mats purchased 4tb hdd federalhosting box to yield the Certficate Transparency log servers to yield ~1tb/400mn+certs/ download a compressed tarball of the csv for analysis
- mats is reproducing the esp8266 experiment
- field investigation of powerplants is needed
- Eurloa log is now being updated
- lobbes posted a qustion on server issues (can no longer ssh into rockchip)/ BingoBoingo is working on a fix
- *discussion on znc/bots*
- *dicussion on appropriate pricing for shared hosting contracts*
- hanbot posted irc recipe on blog
- *dicsussion on best practice for field research for energy harvester

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