Time wounds all heels

By Nicole Renee

I have been trying to find something ‘actually’ inspiring to read about the human condition. A quick search has led to terrible and inaccurately quoted quotes on lame pictures for posting on various social media sites.

I am not sure what people are telling themselves, but I am sure that these memes cannot be helping. Comforting words and nicely colored pictures do not take the place of actual work when trying to learn from a situation. Of course, this is not at all a new phenomenon.

For example, “time heals all wounds” is a classic and meaningless phrase people tell themselves and others to overcome grief. Upon further research, the actual quote originated from a news column in 1934 about a man who left his two kids and wife to be with his mistress and reads as - “Time wounds all heels.” A much more pragmatic statement than the one that gets circulated now. So then what can we tell ourselves in order to keep going through hell (see what I did there)? I have no idea, but the only way out is through (ok ok, im done).

To be fair, I haven’t the slightest idea and no awe-inspiring conclusion is being presented. The best I can hope for is to not avoid the fear and pain, but use them to make up my own ideas for what their purpose is to me. Luckily for me, I am doing this in a tropical paradise with a few reasonable people - which is more than most get. Now I am off to assemble an army of geckos to protect me from the revolting costa rican spiders.

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