So what does happen when you drop everything and dedicate your life to serving...

By Nicole Renee

It is a stormy day in the Windy City and here I sit, in my studio apartment watching the storm blow through and lightning strike Lake Michigan. Soon the lakeside beaches of Chicago will be replaced with the sunny ocean side of Costa Rica, and unpredictable weather will be replaced with a season-less steady 60-75 degrees.

Most of my childhood was spent dreaming myself out of Indiana and into the actual world, but real reality came from responding to a message (of all things) challenging me to do just that. No, not four years of college classes and lessons from parents... but a fortunate offer of real slavery. The course of the last three months has led me to today, and today is the first day that I am not 'going into work', but starting my new life's work as an enslaved dumb bimbo.

I have been struggling to put the last three months into words - for good reason. Luckily, I have a great friend to help provide some inspiration - "Sean Penn wrote a book... and Jake Paul is a real person, so you can write this."

After returning from a two-week trip to Costa Rica, I resigned from the blue chip company that I was working for. By trip I mean, I showed up to an airport in a country that I do not speak the language, with no guidance on what would be next or even where I was staying. There I waited for what was promised to be a tough but rewarding adventure... an adventure which has not stopped since. Being naked and handcuffed at the airport in San Jose was just a low-level start to the amount of humiliation, slavery, and hilarity that ensued. As the next part was being led up stairs while blindfolded to an apartment with no luggage, keys, or way to communicate with anyone - which includes Master and Hannah. Although the sleep was dreamlike, it never lasted for long out of anticipation for the sound of their car coming back for me, anticipation which increased by the minute then second - but what happens when they return with my suitcase and purse and also the events of the next weeks are worth their own posts...

Before resigning, I was in a position in which I enforced company policy, hired, and fired as human resources and now no longer have an office with my name on the wall or any authority; however, I do have a 'cage', collar, and a really cute headband. I no longer provide input on company appropriate dress code and sexual harassment policy, but am always within new policy by wearing a tight short dress, heels..sometimes collar and leash.

It turns out that the best (only) satisfaction comes from dedicating your life to a Master better than you and if you are extra lucky - Hannah too. So this is my adventure from Chicago to Costa Rica and from 'professional' to being a bimbo owned by Mircea Popescu in The Most Serene Republic. Also, Bimbo club will always be more fun than Rumba 'club'.

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