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TMSR Log Summary - 9/16/2018

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

- Discussion on bingoboingo’s article - USG Closes Solar Observatory Over "Security Issue"

- PeterL made a keccak implementation, but it needs tests to verify consistency before making a gensis vpatch

- Mircea_popescu stated that, "Using slang you didn't come up with isn't a substitute for having a personality. And that's the Internet in a nutshell today”

- Discussion on diana_coman’s code for gnat.sockets and if a wrapper is needed in c or ada

- The middle English word for "raise awareness" would be animadverting

TMSR Log Summary - 9/15/2018

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

- Costa Rica’s independence day celebration was postponed because of rain

- Grand Island Nebraska is a place

- The current version of Eurlora’s communication protocol is posted on Trilema

- Mircea_popescu would like files larger than a megabyte tried by esthlos for keccaks

TMSR Log Summary - 9/14/2018

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

- Bingoboingo posted a picture of the fans that are over Rockchips

- Trinque built a nano from ebuild in /cuntoo/portage (weighs 26M) and will create a vpatch for the cuntoo repo

- Trinque posted the current output of emerge -v @world

- Mircea_popescu stated that the problem with socialists is that they will always find something "that doesn't exist"

- Discussion on diana_coman’s blog post - SMG.Comms Implementation - Chapter 1

- Phf is having a hard time recreating the max-heathen environment that will reproduce the google stack as is

- Restrictive flags can be used on the subset of the code that doesn't use tasking

- Asciilifeform’s order should arrive by end of next week

- Discussion on the need for diana_coman to use streams

- Discussion on standardizing a byte order

- A bigendian box is needed for testing

- Discussion on Asciilifeform’s idea for reordering by which the sender will not send a new packet unless the old one replies

- Discussion regarding Mocky’s learning of Arabic

TMSR Log Summary - 9/13/2018

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

- Mod6 has completed the liabilities table for the final draft of the August Pizarro report

- Mr. Right is the remake of True Romance

- Mod6 posted a draft for review of the manifest.txt TRB

- "Project Gutenberg archived incorrectly and entirely ignored by '''the reading public'''."

- Diana_coman posted a blog entry with a 1944 Romanian newspaper clipping

- BingoBoingo has not yet found the samsung sticks, the 5v blower (12v available), and the heat sinks were found at a high price

- Discussion on finding non usb powered fans

- Discussion on who Vince McMahon is

- Mircea_popescu made the point that the problem with literature is that it is better to show than to tell

- Mircea_popescu is the only one to have written a decent female version of an oxford tale of found faith

- A true bore can drive women to murder

TMSR Log Summary - 9/12/2018

Friday, September 21st, 2018

- Replacement drives will be sent to BingoBoingo

- Discussion on the plant running too hot which created an issue with the ssd contacts

- Discussion on how Trilema’s links from external pages received 0% for the first time in history

- Usg.cloudflare imports the usg alphabet

- Google loads cookies into browsers from 3rd party pages

- Discussion on asic miner

- Mod6 tested rockchip and was able to log in

- Fetlife is hiring a senior ruby developer

- Discussion on how to say доходяга in Romanian

- Diana_conan is collecting data from fg for tests

- Discussion on removing root certs and any system wide sslism from cuntoo

- Curl -b will not save new cookies

- Discussion on why the contacts melted

- Discussion on RAM in hardware

- Discussion on Uruguay’s army

- Asciilifeform would like a replacement for perl/python/bash with a simple interpreter

TMSR Log Summary - 9/11/2018

Friday, September 21st, 2018

- Discussion on king charles v and what constitutes an 'idea king’

- Cement hardening is caused by a chemical reaction incorporating O2 and/or H2O into the CaO lattice, connecting particles to make inorganic super structural polymer matrix

- Cement is the first inorganic polymer

- In February mircea_popescu requested someone to package eucrypt into a cmd line gpg replacement ( sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt) which has not been completed

- Asciilifeform’s first job was at a lab to study inflammatory cascades

- Mircea_popescu rewatched Two Moon Junction

- Oscar wilde's prison wailings were published in a bowdlerized version cca 1905 and in 1960 (now out of copyright)

- Diana_coman previously recommended Cordwainer Smith

- Pizarro rockchip customers who modified /etc/conf.d/net within the last two weeks should notify the channel/ the pilot plant may be taken down for maintenance

- Asciilifeform tests the box routing before they are transitioned to mod6

- Discussion on how customers could publish their own routes

- Pizarro’s good neighboor policy is to not not edit /etc/conf.d/net without checking with permission

- Discussion regarding how Welcome Stranger approaches engineering

- Rockchip does not work after being unplugged

- Diana_conan has a dying ssd and a resolve has been provided by asciilifeform

- Discussion on all neologisms being turkish in orgin

- Diana_conan can successfully ssh into rockchip/ssh is not on 22

- Four units were affected and the originating issue has been discovered

- BingoBoingo successfully worked remote to help solve the issue

- Samsung model MUF-128BB/AM was being used and is no longer being sold/new models are being shipped in

TMSR Log Summary - 9/10/2018

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

- Corrections that are needed in esthlos log summaries

- Discussion on usg investigative journalism and ‘digital forensics’

- Discussion on usage of the ‘open web’ by people who have no business on the web

- A ‘we do not use bmc's' statement’ will be added to pizarro

- Discussion between asciilifeform and mircea_popescu on adding disclaimers to pizarro/ mircea_popescu made the point that the forum can resolve any disputes

- Discussion on “idea men” against “technical wizards”

- BingoBoingo posted the hosting rate sheet for pizarro

- Discussion on naphex and threats of depersonalization

- Discussion on learned helplessness and if the helplessness can be remedied

- All knowledge is unwilling

- Discussion on the definition of magic and how it applies to replication

- Literacy is the basis and not replication

TMSR Log Summary - 9/09/2018

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

- Discussion on nature around mircea_popescu and developing a genetically engineered repeater ‘bug a ways’

- Sound bite from mircea_popescu on the radio from a decade ago

- Discussion on manea origin and turkish woodworking

- Discussion on self importance and entitlement within the workforce to be paid for existing

- Mircea_popescu made the point that ‘want is the expectation projected into the future ; expectation is the want projected into the past’

- Auctionbot will deal 100% in ecu and users will need to convert their input to ecu (even if outside of ecu)

- Mod6 is adding the same block times to the manifest.txt (based off of trinque’s suggestion) and mircea_popescu does not see an issue with either approach as mistakes are self correcting/ mod6 will post manifest.txt again for review

- Discussion on usg regulation of bitcoins

TMSR Log Summary - 9/08/2018

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

- Asciilifeform needs the bootrom to do what uboot on pogo did/ mircea_popescu suggested to grep through it
- cnomad rating changed from 1 to -1 as he stole mircea_popescu's bitcent
- Lobbesbot is active
- Another life changed after meeting hanbot
- Discussion on the concept of 'making it big' from writing
- j r davis was ambushed by a bunch of criminals - he killed seven of them using two revolvers, four more with his knife, and the rest ran
- flashing the uboot with the dram from vendor did not do anything detectable
- Mod6 wanted a review on manifest file (named manifest.txt) that would be introduced into trb and located inside the 'bitcoin' directory along the 'Makefile' and 'src' directories

TMSR Log Summary - 9/07/2018

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

- Discussion on the Trilema article, Surprised By Joy -- The shape of my early life. Annotated and C.S. Lewis
- The preferred rate of the Argentine peso is 0.56-1.16
- Discussion on the Argentine pesos and Brazil
- Rain1 entered the channel in regards to asking about how twitter image filenames are derived from the file content / diana_conan suggested that a better option would be to play eulora and work out tricks with potential to earn actual bitcoin
upping someone new in the channel should only occur if the person is being personally trained for an extended period of time and whereby enough questions about that person can be answered in order to satisfy mircea_popescu
- Discussion on William Thompson Kirkpatrick
- asciilifeform is reading and writing the c101pa's boot rom worx