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TMSR Log Summary - 9/25/2018

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

- Verisimilitude is voiced

- Verisimilitude has been working on Meta-Machine Code (MMC) and came to the channel for advice

- Asciilifeform will work on getting rk drivers on 2.6 kernel

- Asciilifeform strongly suggests that verisimilitude registers with deedbot and reads the logs

- Discussion on verisimilitude generating a key

- Diana_coman provided an update that, all 100 packets of a batch (sent in burst mode, no delays) made it through the pilot test with pseudo-randomly chosen sizes between 6 and 2048

- Discussion on diana_coman’s next test

- Discussion on how to produce a test where there is only 1 size, across various sizes

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “what people want is what people want, and then "what is available" tries to fuck with this”

- Phf’s binutils build is attempting to use bootstrapped gcc

- Diana_coman’s test should be a study of the route under best conditions and the tests will now consist of, “no counter sent in header for packets; packets will have sizes between 6 (header length so minimum) and 2048; sender will have a 1 second delay between each new package sent”

- Ave1 suggests that phf debugs by, compiling a basic C hello world with the AdaCore gcc

- Discussion on “poetry circles”

- Discussion on bingoboingo getting package through customs

- Discussion on how/if to pursue litigation in response to Uruguay customs

TMSR Log Summary - 9/24/2018

Saturday, September 29th, 2018

- Discussion on Mocky’s packing

- 4chan users peculate that Theo will be targeted first because he resisted an Intel backdoor

- Discussion on asciilifeform’s speculation that the whole thing is made to silently evaporate or gpl is formally unwound by usg 'courts'

- Qatar is the first Gulf state to offer permanent residency for expats

- Qatar is abolishing the exit visa required before expatriate workers are allowed to leave the country; however, those born abroad would need to have lived there 20 years and if a permanent resident leaves Qatar for more than six months - the interior minister could withdraw from the residency

- Mircea_popescu does not expect the linux bonfire to be included in the list of

- Discussion on how usg will proceed with linux

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, there is no life outside of the republic

- Mocky is exploring how to adhere to - local sponsor must hold >50% controlling interest in any new business

- Trinque’s pizarro box (running aggression) was sitting there and doing nothing for 4k blox/ asciilifeform previously noticed a 400 blox gap

- Discussion on if this is a network or trb problem

- Trinque observed that, “this particular box gets stuck, always immediately resumes receiving blocks when trb is restarted”

- Trinque provided an update on cuntoo: “the fully machine-driven transformation from snapshotted gentoo to cuntoo genesis.vpatch works, and successfully rebuilt itself whole. I've also got the classical gentoo repo acting as a subordinate repository, such that porting ebuilds will be extremely easy (i.e. gentoo repo is now an overlay, just like musl overlay, which can be used or not as decreed by operator” and “what's left is to shave further weight out of the genesis”

- Discussion on diana_coman’s first pilot test of the UDP send/receive

- Bingoboingo’s package is still in customs

- Ave1 saw the path in the specs (gcc -dumspecs) - next was the i386 dir used simple grep for "isystem"

- Asciilifeform made the point that, “'Lost fragments represent a slightly more involved problem than lost packets” and “traceroute --mtu destinationip will show the mtu of the 1st 'fraggable' node in the path”

- Discussion on trb closing all open pipes if it finds that $configurable hours have passed without new blox

- No node operator benefits individually from a non-optimal link to miners

- Discussion on posting - Qntra - Discontent In Zambia Over Chinese Investment and perceived poverty in various countries

- Uruguay economy is based off of, not wanting to buy and only wanting to sell

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “if you don't control your women, you're stuck making public laughingstocks of them. there's no "third way"”

- Discussion on how Linux is useless on running with working wireless on hp envy laptop

- Asciilifeform uses laptops that never leave the lan

- Discussion on mircea_popescu’s suggestion to diana_coman that, the work may be mis spaced and potential to move 1-2048 down from 1-65536

- Duckling are terrified of corks - possibly because it thinks cork is a turtle or snake

- Discussion on baking trb nodes that won't get insta-banned by wot-trb on sight because they spew garbage and "if node doesn't pay its way it's kicked"

- Discussion on Asciilifeform genesising the kernel

TMSR Log Summary - 9/23/2018

Friday, September 28th, 2018

- Trump has put up a clumsy front for idiots and 2019 should be even more entertaining

- Discussion on hookers at the ER waiting room

- Trinque solved the cuntoo profile and is starting a full system rebuild

- Pizzaro would like to purchase$4`984.06 fiat for next month through bank wire or western union

- Mod6 created a new excise hash truncation regrind vpatch, which includes the manifest.txt and is now retesting it

- Ave1 has been running some tests for the issues phf has had - it could be that an earlier step failed to install the header files correctly and is also installing debian 8.10

- Discussion on police forces not carrying guns

- cuntoo rebuilt (emerge -aev @world) using only cuntoo ebuilds and no remaining blockers for first release

- Trinque wrote a profile flattener which would walk the profile tree/concat all the config files and the rules by which a parent's configs are applied to the child are neither of parent-wins or child-wins

- Discussion on women in harems

- Mircea_popescu pointed out that the “important question sitting at the cornerstone of all learning, is whether one does it to "it turns out i was right" or whether the one does it to "well, little wonder i lost myself, there wasn't much there to lose in the first place".

- Mircea_popescu received thousands complaints of not being able to read the subject line on fetlife messages, due to smartphone not being flipped

- Discussion on fuck plug

- Discussion on san jose nightlife

- Discussion on mircea_popescu being able to point out a junkie

- ave1 tried on debian and can reproduce the problem, but does not have a solution yet and the “default/internal gcc spec defines "-isystem /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu and debian / ubuntu systems have this directory, and as it is an -isystem def it will be used before the -isystem given at the command prompt” - a fix will be worked on this week

- Mircea_popescu pointed out that, “"you can imagine a world for yourself to live in". will take just as much as you got to give. i suppose it should be the fourth rider of apocalypse -- junkies, pleabargains, husbands and tulpas”

- In regards to ave1, phf has an implicit global isystem that gets placed ahead of whatever isystem's pass on command line and has tried a variety of flags but has not found the right combination yet/ asciilifeform is hesitant on how to avoid losing e.g. gprof, on box where 0 dynamics

- Mod6 would like mimi to #pizarro for logging and posted an article -

- Discussion on Mircea_popescu’s statement that, “the fact that ~every~ item you look at will turn out to have been ~worth~ looking at is overpowering - because it makes a life of the mind accessible to much more people”, instagram culture, and encyclopedias

- Mircea_popescu made the statement that, “problem with logs or en trilema is that is not yet finished”

- Discussion on the republic and ‘brotherhoods’ on the internet

- Discussion on milo yiannopoulos

- Discussion on how US laws are enforced

- Mocky leaves for Qatar in two weeks

TMSR Log Summary - 9/22/2018

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

- Phf is getting an error when trying to build ada-musl-cross-2018-06-01, as it is trying to build on glibc x86_64 debian 8.10

- Ave1 suggested that phf should check the environment variables and that the second stage compilation of the gcc compiler is picking up the include files of the system (GNU clib specific and therefor incompatible)

- Mod6 is fixing an error in the manifest.txt file

- Discussion on the state of Connecticut's public payroll information

- Asciilifeform received an error similar to phf’s

- Discussion on how to resolve the error/ asciilifeform suggested that, phf should send a packet to 'adult' box, and it will echo the nat's external ephemeral port, and other users udp ~to~ that

- Discussion on the IP_To_String for diana_coman returning with null chars (in Ada: Character'Val(0)) at the end for IPs that are shorter than 16 characters

- Mircea_popescu pointed out that the error that phf and asciilifeform received may be because the imperial code academy view of config files is "optional suggestion". config as it currently works will essentially sudo cat /dev/sda1 | grep -A1 "HurrDurrFlag" and whatever comes out of that is the value of hurr

- Discussion on Mircea_popescu’s statement that, “sports people often have the sense to get themselves performance agreements. everyone else -- what performance” and the profit associated with sports

- Trinque made the point that, “it has long entertained me that one can be paid for being in porn, but cannot be paid for fucking off-camera”

- Maduro may "internationalize" domestic fuel prices in Venezuela, which would raise the price of gasoline to slow traffic on the roads

- Mircea_popescu cannot understand, “what sort of building made by civilised man since the time of silken breeches could possibly be harmed by fire”

- Mod6 reversed the order of the manifest.txt file

TMSR Log Summary - 9/21/2018

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

- Freenode was having issues during this last week

- Mod6 was in a terrible car crash but fortunately was not injured

- Bingoboingo posted an article, Qntra - African American Woman Mass Shoots Maryland Distribution Center and updated it with Rite Aid’s motto - "With Us, It's Personal"

- Bingoboingo submitted forms so that the package can clear customs

- Mod6 posted a new manifest.txt file (for trb) that includes block heights and will move to working on excise_hash_truncation vpatch & seal

- Discussion on Bingoboingo’s article, Qntra - Rental Agency In Taiwan Breaks Rental Agreement After Receiving Deposit

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “anyone who refers to usg.usms with a straight face as anything OTHER than "those ridiculous conmonkeys" is incomprehensible”

- Discussion on nicoleci’s logs summary quality

- Asciilifeform updated with udp_errata.asciilifeform.vpatch/sig and will eventually move the item to the new-type v

- Bingoboingo posted the article, Bingology - BingoBoingo's Blog - Notes For Republican Pioneers Roughly 9-ish Months In

TMSR Log Summary - 9/20/2018

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

- has an 404 error and displays pages in pdfs

- Discussion on males in war/conflict

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, “no system ever in history could afford to field militarily relevant policemen”

- Discussion on Rudolph’s bombing of abortion clinics and sentencing in 2005 and US police force accountability/methods

- Mircea_popescu stated that, "killing everyone is an acceptable end state of avoiding suffering" doesn't conflict with republic's "killing everyone in empire entirely acceptable end state"

- Asciilifeform stated that, the smell of weed is everywhere in Washington

- Discussion on the differences in treatment of males against females

- A 10 inch E-Ink Display HAT is now being sold

- Discussion on how a U.S. magistrate in Las Cruces, New Mexico, on September 14 demonstrated how agents confiscated excessive amounts of data/electronics from the man’s home

TMSR Log Summary - 9/19/2018

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

- Mircea_popescu made the point that In the 80s, finland-sweden-norway-and-peripheralia was an internet center with functional people who had time on their hands

- Discussion on the use of gprbuild selector variant

- Discussion on people importing the patch from asciilifeform as opposed to regrind or abandoning the tree

- Копошиться in romanian is pululatie

- Discussion on middle earth harem

- Discussion on Mocky’s flight being booked (15 hour layover on October 8th) and international travel

- UAE and Qatar are the global locations with the lowest percentage of females

- Discussion on asciilifeform not moving to keccak/standard manifest file for v-trees

- Diana_coman has found the generic thing in ada to be useful/ asciilifeform pointed out that it prevents full modularization

- Asciilifform suggested that an approach would be to, use a kindergarten prng for repeatable sequence, and put in the packets, a serial num and then record what comes out.

- Mod6 did not switch to the new format in trb

- Discussion on standardization of keccak

- Bingoboingo is being questioned about having ‘two imports’

- Asciilifeform suggested that, one possible cut of the knot would be if new vtron were to have algo where it tries keccak 1st, then if fails, tries sha512 and can be off by default , and enabled on cmdline

- Discussion on if tmsr summaries are improving and engineer ideals

- DHL is creating issues with foreign purchases for Bingoboingo

- Mircea_popescu would like keccak used for new work

- Discussion on how mircea_popescu does not like the new extension (v), as it fragments the sensata-perceptible identity of the v

- Discussion on possibilities if keccak fails

- Mircea_popescu would have the trees reground sooner than later

- Discussion on the use of vtron/ keccak tree and sha tree

- A ‘golden standard’ udp tester is close to being finished

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, he meant "mercantilism in that they do not want the locals to leak dollars back into the ubers of the world”

- Asciilifeform is not ‘in love with sha’

- Discussion on sea freight/boating logistics

- Framedragger is no longer active and his log recordings may disappear

- Asciilifeform does not distinguish 'activists' from other usg

- Mircea_popescu made the point that, reddit activism does nothing

TMSR Log Summary - 9/18/2018

Monday, September 24th, 2018

- Discussion on diana_coman’s options with using either ave1’s ADA implementation of UDP sockets with ASM inline 2 or asciilifeform’s light UDP sockets ib with C code and ADA wrapper

- Discussion on Asciilifeform’ s lib not supporting any options to be set for the UDP socket because the want is short code and without the unix the api should continue to make the same amount of sense as before

- Diana_coman had trouble coming up with reliable sets of errors that the UDP ops in linux may produce and received "all errors from IP may be returned by recv /send" from linux pages

- Discussion on how to approach UDP and eggog

- Raw packet support would be beneficial for the fyootoor - when the adaizing kernel is started

- Mircea_popescu made that point that, “if large bulks of memory have to cross call boundaries, something else is almost certainly fucking broken”

- Discussion on if varying the packet size and the packet count, rather than just the packet count is the best approach

- Mircea_popescu requested that diana_coman set up a testing harness to send a soup of all packets lengths from 1 to 65536 bytes each hour back and forth

- Discussion regarding mircea_popescu’s lulzfarm

- Discussion on what data details should result from diana_coman’s testing harness/ the minimum being survival rate, and latency

- Asciilifeform is open to approaches that will simplify the api

- Ave1’s work is appreciated to get rid of the C mess and for the ada inline assembler

- Diana_coman is going to set up the test harness and use asciilifeform's lib in smg.comms

- Asciilifeform made the point that - tcp, unixsockets, etc. should live in their own separate lib

- Asciilifeform did not close the socket in the demo and will correct this for next time

- There is a missing restrict pragma in the lib, pragma Restrictions(No_Implicit_Conditionals) that was not reinserted

- Asciilifeform made the point that, the Socket can be made a 'controlled type’ and it is possible to make the lib a 'generic' with created udptrons of different packet length runti

- Lobbes updated auctionbot eta 'steps to fruition' and is on track for October 31st delivery of the underlying table and field structure

- Discussion on ave1’s process of using the list of system calls (with more than 3 parameters), the man pages, and linux kernel code

- Discussion on ave1’s method to support different platforms by implementing the same module in different source directories and then selecting the directory to use in the project file and the use of python

- Mircea_popescu can't think of a thing that would need/want to use both tcp and udp as a toplevel - in response to ave1 working towards having different modules on top of a common base to support tcp / unix sockets

- Discussion on trad irc client that lobbes is building atop trinque 's design

TMSR Log Summary - 9/17/2018

Monday, September 24th, 2018

- 0.04570496 BTC is the price point for september

- Various invoices are distributed

- Ave1 is creating a thin networking layer for Ada/ small library with support for UDP, TCP and UNIX sockets with direct calls to 64bit x86 and 64bit arm plus C

- Diana_coman made the point that, it is helpful to blog work that is being done

- Discussion on the importance of categorizing blogs with proper hierarchies

- Discussion on ave1’s root package - Suckit

- Lobbes added a categories widget to

- Mircea_popescu rated torvalds -10

- Micrea_popescu made the point that, not blogging “is like not using fridges, or CAT scanners. you miss out. your own life is shittier than it need had been, on your deathbed you'll look at less of a life than it might've been”

- Asciilifeform does not think that ave1 duplicated work and that his item is foundation for a fyootoor raw-irons gnat

- Mircea_popescu stated that, understanding emotion is not the ilk of the pantsuit

- Discussion on torvald

- Mircea_popescu explained what resistance heuristic with the example that there are two types of girls in the dungeon

- More than half of the categories on Trilema did not get any articles in over a year

- There are now htm15 socks

- Discussion on memory handling operations

- Ada standard provides tools to bake a custom heap that uses specified storage and allocation algos

- Discussion on how it is one thing to miss out on bitcoin and another to miss out on engineering

- The August Pizarro report has been posted

- Ave1’s suckit is successful after udp tests from diana_coman

- Continued discussion on torvald

- #pizarro is invite only - due to potential spam

- Hosted Shell plus is a package offered for blogs

- Pizzaro needs to purchase fiat at a minimum of $500

- #pizzaro will apply a register to join voice model

- Discussion on adding bot service to #pizzaro

- Discussion on revising the voice model to be voice or kick

Time wounds all heels

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

I have been trying to find something ‘actually’ inspiring to read about the human condition. A quick search has led to terrible and inaccurately quoted quotes on lame pictures for posting on various social media sites.

I am not sure what people are telling themselves, but I am sure that these memes cannot be helping. Comforting words and nicely colored pictures do not take the place of actual work when trying to learn from a situation. Of course, this is not at all a new phenomenon.

For example, “time heals all wounds” is a classic and meaningless phrase people tell themselves and others to overcome grief. Upon further research, the actual quote originated from a news column in 1934 about a man who left his two kids and wife to be with his mistress and reads as - “Time wounds all heels.” A much more pragmatic statement than the one that gets circulated now. So then what can we tell ourselves in order to keep going through hell (see what I did there)? I have no idea, but the only way out is through (ok ok, im done).

To be fair, I haven’t the slightest idea and no awe-inspiring conclusion is being presented. The best I can hope for is to not avoid the fear and pain, but use them to make up my own ideas for what their purpose is to me. Luckily for me, I am doing this in a tropical paradise with a few reasonable people - which is more than most get. Now I am off to assemble an army of geckos to protect me from the revolting costa rican spiders.