TMSR log summary - 08/28/2018

By Nicole Renee

- mod6: does not have llobes in the notes as being a shared customer, llobes was invoiced at least once in March 2018 of shared hosting and it was prorated
- mod6: our pricing on the website makes no sense, the shared hosting page says "Plans Available on UY1 Include: FTP Basic Account 0.001 BTC/mo; Hosted Shell Account: 0.0015 BTC/mo.; Hosted Shell Plus: 0.002 BTC/mo", "Colocation and Rates" it says "Shared Hosting: 0.003 BTC/mo", is the understanding that you only get apache & mysql service for 0.003 then, and the others are just ~simply~ FTP and shell access?, should think about making it more clear
- mod6: we should take the "Shared Hosting: 0.003 BTC/mo" off of the Colocation and Rates page, and place it below the FTP and Shell Account info on the "Shared Hosting" page.
- mod6: lobbes now invoiced for August for shared hosting
- lollbes: wants to re-sign up for a new slice of shared hosting services without mp-wp on it and just an ssh hole and 10gb of storage
- mod6: prorated the rest of august and all of september for lobbes

- mircea_popescu: 60.971 mn pop on polished small stones, at 7:11:58 local time ; and then a 3.043 mn pop on boulders, at 7:12:36 in Eulora

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  1. BingoBoingo says:

    Por favor, puedes cambiar tu tema de mp-wp. Tienes acceso a un shell y nano. Puedes editar todos tus .php's de tema de wp-wp

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