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TMSR log summary - 08/28/2018

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

- mod6: does not have llobes in the notes as being a shared customer, llobes was invoiced at least once in March 2018 of shared hosting and it was prorated
- mod6: our pricing on the website makes no sense, the shared hosting page says "Plans Available on UY1 Include: FTP Basic Account 0.001 BTC/mo; Hosted Shell Account: 0.0015 BTC/mo.; Hosted Shell Plus: 0.002 BTC/mo", "Colocation and Rates" it says "Shared Hosting: 0.003 BTC/mo", is the understanding that you only get apache & mysql service for 0.003 then, and the others are just ~simply~ FTP and shell access?, should think about making it more clear
- mod6: we should take the "Shared Hosting: 0.003 BTC/mo" off of the Colocation and Rates page, and place it below the FTP and Shell Account info on the "Shared Hosting" page.
- mod6: lobbes now invoiced for August for shared hosting
- lollbes: wants to re-sign up for a new slice of shared hosting services without mp-wp on it and just an ssh hole and 10gb of storage
- mod6: prorated the rest of august and all of september for lobbes

- mircea_popescu: 60.971 mn pop on polished small stones, at 7:11:58 local time ; and then a 3.043 mn pop on boulders, at 7:12:36 in Eulora

TMSR log summary - 08/27/2018

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

- BingoBoingo: mp-wp unpacked, wp-config populated
- mircea_popescu: expanded on previous log from 08/18/2018:
-mircea_popescu: to directly dump a file into pastebin : item=`cat file.txt`; echo $(curl -Ls -o /dev/null -w %{url_effective} -X POST -F "pastebox=$item" -w %{url_effective})☟
- 1) to dump a file, the better format is curl -Ls -o /dev/null -w %{url_effective} -X POST -F "pastebox=@file.asc" -w %{url_effective} ; 2. to dump a pipe/process, the better format is eg item=`cat ~/.ssh/ | gpg --yes --no-tty --trust-model always -aer mod6`; echo $(curl -Ls -o /dev/null -w %{url_effective} -X POST -F "paste
; gets around the limit on urlencoded puts
- 2) box=$item" -w %{url_effective})
; gets around the issues gpg has with command line.
- is redirecting to itself; jurov is working on a solution (mirror or the entire ML)

TMSR log summary - 08/26/2018

Monday, August 27th, 2018

- mircea_popescu: young george cottrell is sort of exact rewrite of mccain story;eulogy or "political analysis" or what have you, comes out. it's true that it doesn't make much sense, and bears a very torturous relation to reality -- but bear in mind it has the right color!!!
- BingoBoingo: is an example of the same; mircea_popescu: nah, that was realeksei fellow. cottrell is a recent example in "usg diplomatic efforts"
- mircea_popescu: fundamental problem in thinking youll do something with the fiat government: you won't / fiatists cant be trusted; BingoBoingo: taking order except when they aren't - then lying and stealing
- mircea:popescu: us citizens cannot get into turkey; BingoBoingo: turkey ban on estadounidense has been going on for a while now
- mircea_popescu: << for the ~same reason perennial victim of "fraudster" would rather "hope" than complain
- mircea_popescu: kevin trudea - thought the court has no authority to tell him how to conduct his affairs, by mid 2000s its accepted inside the zone that courts can tell one what to do and how to do it. he was kidnapped in the interval and is still being worked over for "hidden wealth"; the charge of contempt of court in the new soviet approximates the charge of "insufficient love for batyushka"

- asciilifeform: cent for 8266, 8bux for a, another 10 for the passives/board/1F caps, a 5 for solar panel, still looking at not exactly vanishingly small cost per box; its economical when not doing anything, wifi is energetically costly vs 'plain' radio, very chatty protocol

- mircea_popescu: everyone thinks its ok to pretend to being mp on words
- asciilifeform: words are cheap
- mirecea_popescu: wording at each other casuses them to end up believing someone somewhere in there must have money; when writing in romanian the same thing happened by random nobody pretending to be mp threw shitfit in the exact same terms and problems, quoted on trilema then; asciilifeform: and then mircea_popescu built the ro 'republicans' a house, and they sat and drank tuica for yr+ and 0 result iirc

- mircea_popescu: mats peltier dosent scale well; asciilifeform: for the reason of needing some place to 'cold side'
- asciilifeform: photocell sorta scales, but for half amp at 5v you're already talking about something the size of a4 paper , and that's in broad daylight strictly;relay can ~transmit~ in, e.g., hourly, bursts -- but must ~receive~ somewhere close to 100% of the time; a 100 $ photo panel in erry node out to do a proper long haul sw, rather than 100 metre small change
- mircea_popescu: its cheaper to put in batteries than to half VA deals on "renewables"
- asciilifeform: emplace new box when one dies
- asciilifeform: the chinese garden lights led me to theory of 'pv powered node' miniscule photocells, barely the size of half playing card
- mircea_popescu:, eminently not "led"; asciilifeform: something larger could power receieve 24hrs-transmitls-day sort of affair

- mircea_popescu: private internet acccess pwning the cryptoretard market
- asciilifeform: suspects the 'market' collectively barely adds up to what the server costs them

- ben_vulpes: moved the log directives out of the directory block and into the top level virtualhost; made the logdir for the user in question

- mircea_popescu: romanians like wolves; no such thing as a "bad guy"
- mircea_popescu: de-seking involves de zeking, you must no longer zek. while you zek you're zek; asciilifeform: can understand the angle but 8 years is a long time to be stuck inside a borderl; mircea_popescu: you're not stuck inside anything, iirc the condition to maintain residence is being there 3 mo/year
- asciilifeform: zek is not a dude with a wrong passport, but a pauper with no means of support outside of the gulag, zek is simply flox who are not needed for anything anywhere
- mircea_popescu: people were shipped to prevous gulag, current gulag - the "guardians" were shipped in
- mircea_popescu: real training of real women is too expensive then there will be canned end states; the whole conversation is macro-reimplementation of broke-ass household discussing credit card debt; asciilifeform: suspects not everything comes in canned states, reality, even in gulag is slightly more complicated than the picture suggested by mircea_popescu

- mod6: a graceful loads in the new vhosts file into apache's mem; more professional to alert customers that this is happening than to just haul off and do it

- diana_away: saw ocelots in the "refugio herpetologic", 2 were curled up and twitching their ears only, male ocelot is called Oleg
- mireca_popescu: endogamy is generally the strategy of the inadequate

- trinque: going to pack up the wallet hardware and move it to a new home this afternoon

- mircea_popescu: identity of the yellow fellow is established as a fly tyrant, the great kiskadee